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  1. https://nl.pyramid-plastics.co.uk/collecties/yamaha/producten/piramide-hugger-mat-zwart-yamaha-tracer-900-gt-2018 This one is new And the original hugger (shorter):
  2. Shorty in the summer on the madstad mount, 26" in the winter
  3. Nice looking bike! Isn't the passenger seat bag a little clumsy to get it off quick? And one thing I noticed, or is it just me? You sit back quite alot on the saddle, while I always sit against the front of the tank lol.
  4. So.. does the 22 work for your size for stopping turbulence?
  5. ..Just got a update. Madstad isn't the fastest with email replys, but waiting was worth it these 2 weeks. They just sended me a notice that they are replacing the damaged screen, for free, to Europe. Guess the nightmare of no answer or a 6 month return hassle that I was afraid of turned into a good customer service experience 🙂
  6. Mine also arrived damaged.. It's a complete nightmare as I see what I've paid for it to get it here, and waiting for over 3 months. Now madstad are overthinking wether I should return it in order to get a new one. 😭 If it goes by the same speed I'll be waiting 6 months and another 100$
  7. Quick question, how to remove the mirrors (without making them spin because of the wind when I put em back on ;))
  8. Got the 24" on my tracer gt, I'm 6'0". Can't get it right, keep getting the buffeting on my helmet, feeling it right on the top of it. Dunno what I'm doing wrong after trying all kinds of angles, had high hopes on this screen after all the stories
  9. Any photos available in this shielding the tft screen mod? And does it help just above the screen or also when it is placed on the steering bars, as you noticed interference there aswell I saw
  10. Does the stoppy happen at the end of your braking when coming to a halt or immediately at the beginning of braking? Stoppy means your front wheel has grip!! Alot of it. If it starts sliding, grip is gone.. Don't expect it to go sliding on dry asfalt to be honest (and ask for the abs to kick in). That's more something for the rear wheel as you figure out the weight distribution and thus braking balance between front/back. In this case I think it's a combination of getting your suspension right, and using the right technique. It involves leaning backward a little and keeping your arms in the right position. Don't get your weight over or near the tank.
  11. Well.. if you search the internet on how to measure you also get millions of ways From bottom chain, push it up and measure on top of the chain 😵 from Bottom , push it up, measure the bottom again Etc...
  12. Still waiting on my screen from madstad, send on may 28th....... 😔 Send by ship instead of plans cause of covid.
  13. Si using a adjustable lever shouldn't cause problems if I use setting 1 or 5 on the lever