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  1. I joined the club. Wasn't going to do it as it was cost prohibitive IMO. Then I found the beak on ebay for something like $25 bucks, so I jumped. Really happy with the look, and install was easy.
  2. So, I ordered Matt's kit off of ebay like 3 weeks ago (didn't realize it was Matt). Nothing. No kit, no emails, no contact, no replys. I've had to involve ebay for a refund. Is Matt in the service and deployed? That would explain his absence. I'll probably just make my own. I do have a lathe but its out in a very cold barn right now.
  3. Wish he was a sponsor, but Jamie at Daugherty Motorsports just did my forks with a revalve, springs, new bushings and seals and I couldn't be happier. No more brake dive and no more "jittery" front end. I think I paid $425, but I also popped for high end seals. Pretty sure Jamie quoted me $335 for the revalve and springs, but I needed new bushings and seals (24k miles). I too like to ride a bit aggressive but had no confidence in the front end. Night and day difference. The bike feels like it will handle anything I tell it to.
  4. So, I went with Daugherty Motorsports for my fork. No more brake dive and no more "jittery" front end. I'm a happy guy. New springs, valving, bushings, and seals.
  5. I recently bought a used 2015 FJ and it came with the touring windscreen, and I'd prefer the stock one. I'm more of a naked bike guy. If anyone would like to do an even swap, I'd appreciate it. Its not new, no damage but has the usual very light swirls plastic gets from cleaning. Looks like this: Product Details Merry, Merry, and Happy, Happy! Chris
  6. Indeed! Waiting on a new CCT gasket so I can double check new shims and button this up. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. 5 inches of snow on the ground last night, and its just started snowing again. 3+ inches expected. Gonna have a proper White Christmas here this year. Should also be getting my forks back from Daugherty Motorsports. Not a vendor, but with Matt busy elsewhere, and DM close by, I chose to use my local guy.
  7. Congrats and welcome aboard! ^^what he said. Lots of ideas to personalize your bike.
  8. Pulled the exhaust cam, buckets and shims then calculated desired new shims. Went to the dealer I bought the bike from for shims and they offered to just swap the old shims for new shims. 👍 They also checked all my measurements to make sure I got the correct shims.
  9. LOL! "little bit pregnant"... yea. You guys are right, I need to just do it. Thanks for the push, gents, much appreciated! Best, Chris
  10. So, I just got finished checking the valve clearances. Intake all good. Exhaust (amazingly all) measured a snug .25mm, so it may be closer to .24mm. 24,216 miles on the bike bought in November from a dealer. Seeing as how this is so close to the .26mm spec, can I safely wait a couple more thousand miles before I actually pull the cam to reshim? Thanks all! Chris
  11. Darn. Wish I had enough pennies right now. All my play holiday pennies are going to a fork rebuild. One of the reasons I got my very recent 2WDW flash was so I could do a quick shifter down the road. Great deal!
  12. LOL. Necro-post! But great info Piotrek-- great comparison. I have my eye on this bar, and I believe you've clenched it for me. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for the forum.
  13. 2Wheel DynoWorks also enables QS by default. Don't know which pinout its set to though. 😞
  14. ^^Indeed! IMHO, the purpose built spaceship cars kinda detract from the GTs and production cars. Oh BTW, there's a pretty good Ford v Ferrari historical documentary on Netflix. I think its called "24 hours". Watched it last night. Was pretty good. I didn't realize the mk1's were as much trouble as they were on their Le Mans debut. Took a number of revisions on the mk2 before Ford got their first podium sweep.