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  1. Thanks, gents. All very helpful comments and observation. Much appreciated.
  2. Hello all. I'm Chris. Been doing some interweb research on a bike purchase sometime after December. Coming from an FZR600, with about a 12 year break. Way too old to fold myself up on a sport bike, but really enjoyed the "connected" quick response of that old fizzer and hope to capture a measure of that with my next purchase and also facilitate comfortable riding with my spouse. I've narrowed by choices to either an FJ09 or an FJR. Maybe a Connie or Versys, but probably not. I had the fortunate luck to run into an FJR that the owner let me take a quick ride on. Wonderful bike, but feels quite a bit heavier. I wonder if there is anyone out there in central Indy who might be willing to oblige me a brief ride on their FJ09? I hope to find the FJ09 much lighter feeling. Cheers everyone!