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  1. Darn. Wish I had enough pennies right now. All my play holiday pennies are going to a fork rebuild. One of the reasons I got my very recent 2WDW flash was so I could do a quick shifter down the road. Great deal!
  2. LOL. Necro-post! But great info Piotrek-- great comparison. I have my eye on this bar, and I believe you've clenched it for me. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for the forum.
  3. 2Wheel DynoWorks also enables QS by default. Don't know which pinout its set to though. 😞
  4. ^^Indeed! IMHO, the purpose built spaceship cars kinda detract from the GTs and production cars. Oh BTW, there's a pretty good Ford v Ferrari historical documentary on Netflix. I think its called "24 hours". Watched it last night. Was pretty good. I didn't realize the mk1's were as much trouble as they were on their Le Mans debut. Took a number of revisions on the mk2 before Ford got their first podium sweep.
  5. So I've had my 2015 for about 2 weeks. Got it with 24k miles. Since this is new to me, I'll be crawling through all the scheduled maintenance items just to make sure everything caught up, tight, and right. - Forks going to DMr Performance for revalve and springs. - ECU to 2WDW. - Check and shim valves as needed. - APM adjust. - Trim handlebars by 2 inches. - Wrap or plasti-dip the luggage lids. If funds and time are still available by riding season: - LED signals. - K-Tech Rear shock - Rizoma or Renthal handlebars for more sporty configuration if the OEM bar trim doesn't satisfy. - Sargent seats. That should keep me busy! Cheers!
  6. Many thanks, Gents. Looks like Daugherty is just a couple hours north of me. Gonna drop Jamie an email. Cheers, Chris
  7. Well, I just bought a 2015 red FJ. Appears to be in great shape, 24K miles. Wow, that front fork harshness is pretty intense. Hopefully I can get "Forks by Matt" to do his magic. Aside from the forks, I'm liking this bike. Thanks for everyone's input. Chris
  8. Seems Matt doesn't get a chance to check the forums as he once did. If he's still doing his fork service, can anyone suggest the best method to contacting him? I did find a phone number from an older post: 703-951-3813. Might it still be good? Thanks much, Chris
  9. Thanks, gents. All very helpful comments and observation. Much appreciated.
  10. Hello all. I'm Chris. Been doing some interweb research on a bike purchase sometime after December. Coming from an FZR600, with about a 12 year break. Way too old to fold myself up on a sport bike, but really enjoyed the "connected" quick response of that old fizzer and hope to capture a measure of that with my next purchase and also facilitate comfortable riding with my spouse. I've narrowed by choices to either an FJ09 or an FJR. Maybe a Connie or Versys, but probably not. I had the fortunate luck to run into an FJR that the owner let me take a quick ride on. Wonderful bike, but feels quite a bit heavier. I wonder if there is anyone out there in central Indy who might be willing to oblige me a brief ride on their FJ09? I hope to find the FJ09 much lighter feeling. Cheers everyone!