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  1. At E-bay US, I found Crossfire in red, in size. xl (60/61) and xxl (62/63).
  2. Found Schuberth E1 crossfire at Motorstorm.it, but only in small and medium size. And medium is 56 - 57 cm.
  3. At adventuremoto.com.au, they have Schubert E1 Crossfire in red in sizes 55, 57 and 61.
  4. At FC-moto.de, they have the helmet you are looking for. and the price is relatively low. You may not find your size in the color you want.
  5. I use a Schuberth C3 Pro Observer white and neon yellow.
  6. These seat covers come in different colors and designs. And bought on E-bay, from Italy.
  7. Hello. I bought a seat cover, and will be rebuilding the original seat. Have bought gel pillows, 10mm. Should buy extra seat foam 1 "(25 mm), which I will cut to fit the seat best.
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