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  1. Hi friends, I would like to introduce you to my Emma. She is amazing!
  2. @Michiel900GT WAU, a completely different look 👌
  3. @Běžec Curmudgeon, it's $ 100 more expensive than us, I don't want her that much 😁
  4. @Běžec I searched this site, unfortunately they do not have the size I want.
  5. I'd just like to flip up a helmet, I like its advantages ... that it would be noisier than my current helmet I'm not afraid of. It would want a helmet made of better materials than thermopsalt.
  6. @Cruizin Schuberth E1 I would like to, but in the Czech Republic is a problem to get it.
  7. Thanks a lot. In Europe, the At-950 will probably be the ADX-1. What do you think? I like it.
  8. @Běžec I'd like to get the Schuberth E1. It is no longer produced and getting it in red is a problem. If I get it, it costs $ 900.
  9. @norcal616 Agv helmets are very nice, I also had a K5. As I have noticed so many people do not have a modular helmet.
  10. @ johnmark101 Díky, to je přesně ... Super recenze.! Edit : You didn't think about it flip up helmet?
  11. @norcal616 I know how to choose a helmet, but we haven't had a cenduro yet, and I wonder what you, you and you, your reviews are wearing.
  12. Certainly, I was interested in what helmet anyone has on Tracer and how he has experience with it. Maybe I can find the answer in an already established thread.