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  1. I have loved my other sargent seats but this one I don't. I had a very early one done with the oem pan. Sits nicely on the bike but they did not do a good job of the forward slope. I called them and they told me that since it was a "custom" job that I would have to send it back and pay another 90+ bucks to get it reshaped. I mentioned that people are saying that early adapters of the seat were getting them fixed for free but not on mine only the one they sell. So I ordered another just rider seat. I got both seats two days ago. The slope was better and the seats look nice but the fit in the tank was driving me crazy. I boxed the seats back up and will be sending them back this weekend. Like I said I loved my Sargent seats on my two other bikes but they just got this wrong. I also feel they should have reshaped my original seat they did for free IMHO
  2. It's too bad since I loved my other two Sargent seats
  3. My pic files are to large so only one.
  4. Yeah, I am not loving it and will be sending it back and look for better options. I will use the one they made for me until then. The comfort seat is better than oem but Sargent is slightly better than comfort. Here are some pics of the sargent seat they made which does say FJ-09 on the underside.
  5. I ride all year round in NYC traffic. Stop and go 6 miles takes me 30 minutes. My fan kicks in at 220F and depending how fast I move it has dropped to 140's in the cold. Other wise it stays between 200-220.
  6. I just got my second seat from Sargent. This is the one they made so far on today's commute it felt better than the one they made from my oem seat. I also only ordered the rider seat but they sent me both. With that said I would be willing to let go of the first one I got You can see the pictures of it earlier on this thread. I also have a comfort seat as well. LMK.
  7. I order angled metal stems to add them to my next tire change. I don't ride crazy fast so I think they will be fine for now
  8. Ok I literally read the entire thread the last bunch of days. Holy crap was that an expensive read 😎 So this is what I have on my GT Yoshi full system K&N Air filter PCV SW-Motech Crash Bars Givi Mudguard R&G Tail Tidy AATS Turn signals F/R Rear Flasher relay Sargeant seat Ram mount EZPass mount Tank pads OEM Radiator Guard Springer brake cables Michelin TPMS Puig sport screen Rizoma silver fuel cap On the way 83 degree air valves Rizoma Circuit 959 Reflectors Considering doing shocks, forks and rotors next Pictures to come later but many items have been posted here
  9. I see what you mean now from reading Ivan's page. Heck If the tune is not what I want I can always have it flashed and take the PC out. For now I will give it a try the price of the tune is the same as the price of the flash
  10. Ok the reason is kinda by default. I didn't want to flash my ECU and void my warranty with my dealer. I also wanted a new exhaust system. So I changed out the exhaust and airfilter when my buddy said get a power commander since I made these changes. So I got it the bad news is they are not making any maps for the tracer. So now if I wanted to flash the ECU I would have to sell my PC which I don't want to deal with so that's how I got into the dyno tune. What would I be missing vs the dyno tune and a flash? Never had a bike tuned before.
  11. Hi All, For several reasons I decided not to flash my ECU and taking it in to get dyno tuned. Running full yoshi system, K&N air filter and power commander V. I will post the graph outcomes once I do it. Waiting for an O2 cap to be shipped from overseas.
  12. I use this one. Just screwed it on and away I went. No issues so far. MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Bike - Fit2Go TPMS Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System Light Fleet is an...