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  1. With the puig trail pegs I have to raise both the clutch shifter and rear brake.
  2. I just had these installed this weekend. They look nice but the buzz at high rpm's is present. I will say that stock I felt the buzz around 5K rpms with these its about at 8K.
  3. Hi All, I can't find this on the manual but I just got new foot pegs installed ( Puig Trail ) and I need to adjust my clutch and rear brake shift positions. I think I can figure out the clutch but the rear brake is a bit odd to me. Any help would be great. I need to raise the shifter and lower the rear brake. Thanks
  4. My battery stays at 12.5 even when my charger is on. I did the test and when I started the bike the volts went to 14.1-14.2.
  5. I meant the battery pack that I plug my tender into it only lasts a day. Looking at a battery generator but they are $$. I do have a volt meter and my alarm has one as well. currently it show 12.5
  6. I live in an apartment and have no outlets to plug the bike in. I have to use a battery pack and only lasts a day.
  7. What's the ideal RPM's and gear for optimal charging of the battery. I do a short commute to work 6 miles 30 minutes and I am having issues with my battery holding charge. My scorpio reads 12.5 most of the time and occasionally it will got to 14.1 if I do a longer ride. Thanks
  8. I went with the denali D2 trioptic led. Now should I do one spot and one flood? I am looking for more visibility and more attention from the cage drivers.I am mounting them on my crash bars.
  9. Hi All, 'Has anyone installed lights on their sw-motech crash bars? If not can anyone recommend a set to me? Thanks
  10. Can you just drop the Yausa in or do you have to flip it around to match the terminals?
  11. I have them but I have not installed them yet. They look very good and good quality as well. I did have to order two yamaha parts for them, both under $2 each.
  12. Hi, does anyone know if the CRG Rc2 clutch lever for the MT-09 will fit the Tracer 900 GT?
  13. Has anyone replaced the OEM battery? If so which one? Thanks