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  1. My dealer could not get the rox risers to fit.
  2. Do the led signals work with the tracer and how much brighter are they?

  3. Hi All, I want to sell my sargent seat rider and passenger. These are made from the OEM pans so they fit perfect. The seat does not work for me but it may for you. Looking to let them go a fairly good price, DM me if you are interested.
  4. OK I ran this again. What I see is that when I put the bike in first gear and let go of the clutch the bike stays at 7 mph. I spray my chain lube on and move on. No error code and I do not touch the throttle. I hope this helps.
  5. Had it installed this weekend and I love it. So much more relaxed ride and way easier to work the key. Highly recommend and they look great.
  6. I put these on my bike and I am very happy with them.
  7. I paid that price in August 2018 for my 2019 GT. I think you can get it cheaper.
  8. I have run my 2019 GT many times on the center stand to lube my chain. Never got a fault code but you know the next time I do it it will go on.
  9. With the puig trail pegs I have to raise both the clutch shifter and rear brake.
  10. I just had these installed this weekend. They look nice but the buzz at high rpm's is present. I will say that stock I felt the buzz around 5K rpms with these its about at 8K.
  11. Hi All, I can't find this on the manual but I just got new foot pegs installed ( Puig Trail ) and I need to adjust my clutch and rear brake shift positions. I think I can figure out the clutch but the rear brake is a bit odd to me. Any help would be great. I need to raise the shifter and lower the rear brake. Thanks