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  1. Bought my Tracer three weeks ago. Ordered(backordered) a 39L. Should be in Next week??!?!?
  2. I was like you, I couldn’t find out how. Took it to the dealer, he didn’t know how. Finally after an hour of asking, someone showed us
  3. Yesterday, traded in my 08 GoldWing on a 2019 Tracer. Bought it at Abernathys in Union City,Tenn for 11,300, which I thought was a great price. They sort of low-balled me on my trade in, but I’ve been planning this for sooo long, completed the deal. My wife was not really happy, after riding 10 years on 3 different Wings. At half the weight, and more power, this will require a new learning curve, but boy is it fun