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  1. I hope he's recovered, he's had a number setbacks from what i understand.
  2. Wayne had a pretty bad accident, he was in hospital for 3 weeks, however even during that time he helped try to troubleshoot the problem. In the end he sent off bike harness to flash the ecu. This worked first time without issue, just meant I needed to remove the ECU of the bike and flash. After flashing with the harness, and putting back on the bike, all functions work with the standard tune boy, I can make changes using the tuneboy trim software etc. All the functions are working including the cruise control. The cruise works flawlessly, have not had any issues you can increase the speed momentarily toggling the mode button once in cruise control. The product works well, in my case the ECU for my bike was not listed but hats of to Wayne getting up and running and supporting it. Overall I am happy with tuneboy, both quality and service.
  3. An update so far still not working for me, Last request from Wayne was 13 days ago (he said the delay on his side was due to bushfires) He requested that i send my ECU you in to him so that he can take a look. The trouble is, I am a little apprehensive, I am worried if the ECU gets lost or damaged in transit then I am really in trouble. I suggested if I could get a dump of the whole flash on the ECU to him would that be enough. It's been almost a week and I haven't heard from him.
  4. I have been in touch with Wayne, having problems flashing my ECU, the hardware on my bike is Malaysian ecu code 2SC-8591A-90.
  5. I am the a recent new owner of a Malaysian Tracer or MT09 tracer as they are known over here. The bike is a 2017 and I am the recent 2nd owner. The bike was pretty much stock for the Malaysian market, what i did recently is put an Akrapovic full system for the Tracer which fits the perfect and can use the center stand. I want to improve the ridding of this beast, my other bikes include a Versys 650 and Yamaha R1. The versys is up for sale but so far no calls!
  6. I am a recent new owner to the MT09 Tracer, mine is a late 2017 I picked up about month ago. I have read through this thread about a dozen times. After recently reading @Therealal experience with the tuneboy cruise control, I took the plunge and purchased it. Whilst waiting for the USB module to arrive I did try and read up on the device, except there is not much documentation or user experience at least that I could find. Anyways after the device arrived and getting some spare time to do the install. I found it appears my Tracer is not supported. Here is the screen shot that I get when trying various tracer tune files (Flash). The zip file I downloaded from tune boys website does not contain any documentation, I did email Wayne from tuneboy several days ago but not yet received a response. @Therealal What was your hardware version and which file did you use? My Bike is a late 2017 for the Malaysian market originally purchased from a Yamaha dealer. Thanks in advance for your guys help. Late night update (Malaysian Time) Wayne has got in touch and sent some new files will update you tomorrow.
  7. Recent owner of a 2017 Tracer, In sunny Malaysia.