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  1. My Bagster is also waterproof, using it for 8 months now. In rainy Europe.
  2. Makes three of us already 😊. Live just across our local pond in Lelystad.
  3. My dealer puts it on the centre stand and just clamps the front wheel and lifts the table. No problems ever. Yamaha (again) extra cautious?
  4. So how difficult/easy is it to install. Website does not provide installation information.
  5. I had the same experience with all resistors in place. Normal turn blinking was OK, but all 4 hazard blinkers together got just 2 blinks, that’s all. So I changed the relais for a special LED relais and got rid of the resistors. They warm up and just are not needed in this setup. LED relais are easy to get and plug and play with the correct connector.
  6. Made the first trip today with the new seat. Feels much better as the original seat, forms more to the bum so the pressure is more divided over a larger area. After one and a half hour felt a bit sore on the sit-bones, but had that always, also on the previous bike with gel inserts. So no surprise there. Has to do with the static position while riding. Driving on winding roads shifts your weight from side to side and has less impact on the sitting parts extending the time until it becomes uncomfortable. In conclusion very happy with the upgrade 😊
  7. Got the new saddle today. The backseat needed a bit of encouragement to settle, but now it all fits. First impression is that it is softer than the original seat. Have not made a testride as it is raining. No need to get wet. Will try this weekend or otherwise next Monday driving to work.
  8. Well, you just beat me to it! Ordered the same seat today, but with "Tracer GT" written on the backseat. Got it cheaper though, with a discount and no shipping fee. Not by ebay, but direct from the store. Order today, receive it tomorrow, advantage of living in the Chromeburner country πŸ˜€.
  9. Seats on my previous bike (Honda CBF) had gelpads inside. Seats were from Topsellerie, french manufacturer. Never had any problems concerning temperatures, I live in the Netherlands, so the temperatures varies during the year. As Cromeburner resides in my country (1,5 hour drive, that is considered a long drive in my small country 😊), I can easely pick one up. But as I am accustomed to the gelpad and have no reference to the Bultex foam, still not sure.
  10. Did anyone ordered the gel pads for the seat? Bagster states that they are the most comfortable choice for longer rides. All ready seats are offered with only the extra Bultex foam, no gel option. It is of course a very personal choice but I am curious about your opinions.