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  1. Do you think it would fit a 2020 Tracer GT?  If so, I'm interested.  Thanks

    1. Mvich


      I don't think it will fit.


    2. F100driv


      OK  Thanks

  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Adjustable-CELL-PHONE-HOLDER-Motorcycle-Bike-Bicycle-Handlebar-Mount-/233215024983?hash=item364cb2df57
  3. Looks like a good option but how much 'fabrication' did you do?
  4. I owned an MGB. It was a great car when it was running. Unfortunately, I never knew when that would be.
  5. Using your description it seems the DRL's expect to be hot at all times. When you select a turn signal to power it's logic tells it to flash amber and cancel the white. So wire the DRL's to be powered all the time and attach the current turn signal wire for the amber.
  6. Curious how many of us rode / owned a Triumph triple
  7. I based my comment on my outboard motor. It has two inline filters, one for debris and one for H2O. I haven't seen the FJ-09 fuel schematic beyond what was posted on this thread & I don't want to be confused with someone who knows what they are talking about
  8. This fuel inlet screen can be found on any engine with a pump in the tank and clearly can only stop large objects but one could install a real inline filter to protect the injectors. Worth a try.
  9. Right! 6' apart or 6' under.
  10. Came across this today. Looks like the homeowners plan on drinking their way to clarity from our current corona weirdness.
  11. The stock screws are plastic junk, I found others at Lowes that are stainless hex drive. I also use two different bolt lengths for my three windshield heights. My touring screen (CalSci) has rubber grommets so those bolts must be longer and have washers. The stock screen is worse than no screen at all so for summer I got the $20 ebay screen and cut it down to the height of the instrument cluster. Find what works for you, it takes a little trial & error but you will find something that you like.
  12. I bought my 2015 from a guy who rebuilt it after having similar damage done. Looks like an easy fix to me.