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  1. just making SURE here....no offense ....BUT.. did you synch the manometer BEFORE you checked the synch on the TBodies ? I just got done doing mine at 3700 miles, and they weren't off much I thot...took it for a ride, and HUGE difference !! soo.... a little means a lot .... on this one anyhow....
  2. nope....just wait til ya get the adapter.....
  3. wish I could be there with ya guys.... Fair winds, and a following sea.....
  4. it's got PLENTY....the wheelbase is quite a bit longer, but you can still wheelie at will....
  5. I think the suspension is WAY better than the FZ07's....I did a Razor Ktec Lite and Cogent DDcs on the FZ07 and have done nothing to this but set the sag up and it's fine...I am 72, and don't get too crazy anymore in the twisties however....I usually have about 1/2 inch of "Chicken strips" on the sides of the tires so I'm leaning it, but not extremely so.... I will also say this : it's the most "Confidence Inspiring" bike I've EVER rode....solid as a rock on the Freeway. and stable and sure thru the fast twisties, .... I absolutely love it
  6. I misprinted that and corrected it I MEANT to say 26 lbs, not 52....bike now weighs 446 lbs .... exhaust, centerstand, passenger pegs-brackets, rear grabrails, and did a tail tidy made of aluminum....muffler and centerstand were the biggies, altho the grabrails ain't lite.....
  7. I traded my FZ07 in on a 2019 Tracer, (NON GT), and have not been a bit sorry...then put on a pipe, had the ECU flashed by 2WDW, and took off about 26 lbs of crap that was not needed...it's a Certified ROCKET !! love it.... and you can always add bags later man...the Yamaha factory stuff is WAY too expensive for what you get... I didn't need a quikshifter, I know how to shift it,... and the display? .... for that much money ? not me.....tyvm.... it's now fast and NASTY !!!
  8. I have used mine, and it's great...cleared a code that I got when I ran it without the Oxygen sensor hooked up, (Dumb of me ), it was easy to use, and cleared the code instantly. Mine is a slightly different model the Autel A319, but the adapter cable is the same one I have. I like it just fine, and can heartily recommend it to whoever.....
  9. this the same setup I bought and it works as advertised...very good manual online so easy-peasy...
  10. so you have the part # Scotty ? thinkin' I'd like to try those meself .... are these the AZ403b risers ? thanks
  11. 25 to 35 mm slack is NOT enuff....you NEED 35 to 45 slack..... get that much slack...then take it for a ride 4 - 5 miles,... come back, and with the chain warm, up on the centerstand, lube it ...then run it a bit on the stand (couple minutes...shut it down and check it again...if you still have a tight spot the chain is junk. and I do NOT like EK chain....I like RK's best or DID's best the rest are not in my ballpark. and my opinion is based on experience since 1960..... whatever ya think....
  12. installed new RK gbxw chain and Supersprox rear sprocket..... much smoother
  13. E. Tennessee ? I thot it was up in the San Jacinto's, off the Bee Canyon Truck Trail, down in Southern California........that Concrete pavement across the turn in that "Road" looks exactly like one up where I was about 10 years ago on my 4wheeler.... amazing resemblance...