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  1. I also have the Evotech unit. Easy to install and great quality. I would stay away from the chinese knock-off crap. I've never had good luck with those types of products.
  2. I would keep looking for a better price. I got a left-over 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area for $11,500. Zero miles, fresh from the create. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the welcomes! I agree that the first piece will be a radiator guard and maybe the engine guard as well. Since I just bought it today I only have about 30 miles on it before the rain started coming in. This bike is replacing my ‘07 VFR 800 as my commute bike. I still have the VFR and I don’t think I’ll get rid of it yet...
  4. Hi all. I just joined the forum a few days ago and just pulled the trigger on a fresh out of the crate 2019 Tracer 900 GT! Great bike and so easy to ride. I’ll be lurking the pages for info and racking up the miles here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now it’s time to accessorize!