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  1. Ah, yes—this is an awesome one that I employ regularly.
  2. I've had MOTECH crash bars on two previous bikes and am a bit confused about their bars for the Tracer. On my two previous bikes, the crash bars on the left and right sides were connected together by a bar across the front of the radiator. This stiffened up the whole system. The MOTECH bars for the Tracer don't have that connection. I look at the photos (attached here) and think, yeesh, isn't this setup going to just rip out the engine mount bolts with a bad tipover/down? Any opinions? Thanks.
  3. Ah, would be interested in hearing your impressions of the Tiger vs. Tracer.
  4. Interesting on the beak. I owned a '16 Tiger 800 XRx. The road-going XR models had a much shorter beak compared to the offroad XC models. Now all the new 900s seem to have the same sized beak. Agreed—beaks bad.
  5. https://www.triumphmotorcycles.com/motorcycles/adventure/tiger-900 One of the models is called the "900 GT." Sounds familiar. Pricing is currently shown only for the base model: $12.5K USD. Got to imagine that the GT and Pro are going to be way up there. Bike has a bit of a Multistrada vibe in some of the photos. Tracer 900: 105 HP / 60 lb-ft torque Tiger 900: 94 HP / 64 lb-ft torque
  6. High-quality kit. Was surprised to see a number of their items currently listed at 50% off, including their Explorer Lite tank bag and the small Expedition dry duffel—I picked up both. I have no connection to the company...just a happy previous customer. wolfmanluggage.com
  7. My jaw hit the floor the other day when I was spec’ing out a R 1250 RT. $1,430USD for a top case. What?!
  8. Funny you should mention... I'm going to LA around Christmas. Checked into the "Riders Share" service and discovered a Tracer for rent a couple of miles from where I'll be staying. I'm going to rent it for a day to try it out. (Glad this service exists, though I can't imagine renting out my bike regularly to strangers.)
  9. Greetings from Maine. The season is over, but that doesn't stop me from strategizing for next year! The T120 is my tenth bike. It's a beautiful machine, but as a one-bike guy, I'm realizing that I need something that can really do it all, including significant travel. The Triumph isn't that bike. I've owned a Tiger 800 XRX before. Loved that triple sound, particularly the "whistle" that is unique to the Tiger. Poking around on the web...looks like you get a lot of bang for your buck with the Tracer GT, and save a couple thousand bucks over the Tiger. I also like that it's a legit sport tourer as opposed to an adventure bike with street tires. It seemed that I couldn't find a single bad review. The only thing people mention is the fueling/abrupt throttle response issue. So...seriously considering putting down $500 on a '20 Tracer. (I am intrigued, though, about the new Tiger 900 that is about to be released.)