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  1. I needed to get to 1000 km / 600 miles to have the 1st service done so I had to go for a ride.. Loving the bike!
  2. Félicitations! Vous habitez dans le paradis des motards!! Me voici chez vous! Bienvenue à bord!
  3. Do Tracers sold in Oz have the ignition immobilizer? In US and Canada, they don't. And also in Canada, yamaha sells the SuperTenere with immoblizer but in the US they don't have it.
  4. Congrats!! I also had an FJR1300 and although it was a fabulous bike, I prefer the lighter weight of the 900GT.. The GT is a better buy, it has so many more features over the regular Tracer.
  5. I have grip puppies on mine as well as I like the grips to be thicker and having owned bikes with 1, 2, 4 and 6 cylinders, I really don't feel any intrusive vibes. I test rode a BMW S1000XR, vibrations? My hands and feet were numb after 2 hours. I got off the bike, both hands and feet were tingling. The Tracer's triple, to me is very smooth.
  6. Which Bagster seat have you ordered? The basic standard one with Ready Luxe or upgraded BULTEX foam? What's the delivery time generally if ordered from Motostorm.it?
  7. hmm.. my son is a machinist.. but I hate to support copy cat knock offs. Thanks for the info.
  8. Conspicuity lights, cameras, action! I installed Givi handguard extenders, rad guard, fender extender, LED running lights / turn signals along with Whelen super LED's which are also turn signals, recycled from my SuperTenere, as well as the Rigid 6" LED light bar. I installed dashcam cameras front and back. The front one is mounted to the side of the LED light bar, and the rear is mounted below the top case rack. The stock windshield wasn't much good until I added the MRA spoiler recycled from a previous bike and it worked brilliantly for me, so need for a new screen. For me this bike turned out to be the goldilocks bike: not too heavy, exhilarating motor, nimble handling, comfortable and feature packed, and Yamaha reliable.
  9. I found those clear decals in the panniers and couldn't figure out where to stick them, never received a manual for the panniers. Anyone has any pics to share?
  10. received my OBD to Yamaha cable and was able to clear the code easily. All is back to normal, with full access to the menu and QS.. thanks for your help.
  11. Can you show us what you've come up with and what materials you used? Thank you.
  12. You can get those on Ebay from a bunch of sellers or aliexpress. This seller is US based and sells them for $60 shipped. Link below. I opted to pay more and get US made risers from HeliBars, which fit perfectly and without interference from cables or hoses. Introducing MotoPumps Bar Risers for the Yamaha Tracer 900 and GT | Adventure Rider It took a while, but we have the final product in our hands. Billet...
  13. I see. What do you gain by eliminating the O2 sensor?