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  1. you can get these copies for much less or yamaha LED knock offs for a bit more, but for LED turn signals you will need to replace the turn signal flasher with an LED compatible one, also cheap, plug and play. LED/Turn Signal Light For YAMAHA FZ07 FZ10 XSR 900/700 FJ09 MT07/09 TRACER 900 | eBay Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for...
  2. went for a ride near Gatineau Park in western Québec, Canada. Fantastic bike!
  3. The dealer or the previous owner must have installed it. It didn't come from the factory that way.
  4. The plug for it is under the windshield mounting bracket.. plug'n'play.
  5. Welcome! Where in Ontario are you? Post a pic of the new bike when you have it!
  6. I have a few runs on the highway and rode around town as well and I'm very pleased with this screen. if you look at the aerodynamic test in the pic I posted before or in the link below, it's exactly accurate. https://puig.tv/uploads/products/600019/9725/aerodinamyc-test.pdf You get a bit of air on your helmet but no buffeting. Then I added my clip on MRA spoiler and was able to ride with my visor open, no wind or buffeting. I think I would recommend the touring screen with the built in adjustable spoiler, it really makes a difference. I didn't because I had the MRA clamp on one. I had the screen in the low position with the MRA spoiler and before that, I had it in the high position.
  7. My first ride I noticed the quieter airflow and no turbulence in the high position. I will be doing a highway ride tomorrow. I was going to get the MRA screen, but its 50 cm in overall length vs Puig Touring which is 65 cm, so 15 cm taller. Here's a side by side comparison size wise: https://puigusa.com/uploads/products/600019/9725/comparasion-test.pdf
  8. Here's the original screen placed over the Puig touring screen with the mounting holes on both screens lined up. I placed green masking tape to the edges of the stock screen to highlight its size vs Puig My Tracer GT has the Givi handguard extenders installed and was concerned they would hit the screen but they don't, the second pic shows the handlebars at full lock. I also have 40 mm mirror extenders. Installed in the low position: in the raised position: I'll be trying it out this week in the city and on the highway and report my findings.
  9. Welcome aboard.. I went from a SuperTenere to a Vstrom 650 as I wanted less weight, but good touring capability. I had it for 900 km and sold it. It was a very good bike but I really wanted more power. The Tracer 900GT fit the bill perfectly, less weight and more power, good wind protection, good range, cruise control, heated grips, adjustable screen and Yamaha reliable with a long long valve inspection interval (42,000 km)
  10. I'm heading home this weekend. I'll get a chance to try it out next week and will post here.
  11. Currently visiting in the UK and decided to try the Puig Touring screen. You can order it with or without an adjustable spoiler. I opted for no spoiler as I have a clamp on MRA spoiler that I could try on. Will report on it once I'm back home and it's installed. Compared to stock:
  12. What @betoney said... and even if you have new. bike fever and want a newer Tracer, no bike out of the box is going to have suspension spec'd for a 300 # rider, so if you get a new bike, you're going to want to upgrade the suspension and the very least have a spring rated for your weight. I'd save my money and just go with the best suspension you can afford spec'd to your weight.
  13. I heard those too.. with big explosive backfiring... ridiculous.
  14. It's unfortunate to hear about these road closures for bikes in EU. The Akrapovic is a quality exhaust and is not loud or obnoxious unless you remove the db killer. I'm currently in London, UK and there are certainly riders here with very loud and very obnoxious exhausts which end up ruining it for all of us and giving all riders a bad reputation.