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  1. Nice work! I am going to begin a search for a Tenere/FJR switch housing to scavenge the buttons from. I really like how clean that is compared to either controller option. That must have been a pita enclosing it all in the switch housing.
  2. I like this idea. It's very clean. You say the indicator LED is bicolor? The LED on the MCCruise switch is red-yellow-green, and all three colors are important for diagnostics. Do you have a way to run the diagnostics and setup with a bicolor light?
  3. I bought a Tracer 900 to take the place of the FJR as my touring bike. 62,3xx miles and growing. All maintenance is up to date, including a recent valve adjust, coolant flush, and TBS. Tires have about 2k miles left in them. Extras include: MC Cruise control - the best accessory ever! Bar risers OES sliders CalSci barn door windscreen (I think it's their largest model) Heated grips Heated gear port in the fairing Warm-n-safe dual heat-troller in fairing panel (where factory heated grip controller would go) - controls heated grips and the port Seat Concepts rider seat Pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/f8nYQhmsn2z6MqfT6 $3500 obo. I am located in SLC, UT and am happy to accommodate a fly-and-ride.
  4. I have a Ninja 650 that I've adventureized. I put a set of Shinko 804/805 tires on. So far, I like them, but the rear does feel like it has a bit more side to side movement on the loose stuff. They still feel really good on pavement, even in the wet. I'm thinking of trying the Bridgestone AX41 or the Dunlop Trailmax Mission next.
  5. Yes, was shipped on 1/12, and got to my door on 1/17. I was quite surprised!
  6. I've been really happy with the Dunlop RS3 on my FJR (two sets), but had been contemplating trying the Road 5 on the Tracer when the stock tires are done. I haven't been on a Michelin since the PR4 was new. I didn't love how that tire cupped for me, even on a lighter bike (Honda NC700X). The 5 seems a good tread shape that wouldn't cup as badly.
  7. This was on my bike for 2 weeks. I had to modify it to fit the 2019 Tracer. I bent the bracket by about 15* and had to file about 1mm off of the inside edge of the mount point. It bolts right up to the Tracer now. I'm selling it because I have a set of heavy LED lights that caused too much movement for my liking. Smaller, lighter lights should cause no problem. $40 shipped (lower 48).
  8. That sucks, especially on a brand new bike and lid.
  9. My batteries seem to last 3-5 years without issues. I never put my bikes on a tender. I ride regularly, and my bikes never sit for more than a few weeks (usually in the winter during foul weather).
  10. Even with a 32" inseam, I have to use the left foot peg when I have a bag on the back seat.
  11. Dang, I wish I had the code a couple of weeks ago. Completely missed the spot on their site. Oh well, I am still happy to have it at full price.
  12. I love being on two wheels, and I love riding to places I've never seen. There is no better way to see the world.
  13. I finished up all the electrical add-ons for now: MC Cruise VisionX Optimus 10* spots on Givi light mount Fuzeblock W&S dual heat-troller Halocam M1 dash cam Dual USB port Here is the light setup dimmed to 20% with a Skene dimmer. Goes 100% with the high beam. Now I wish all the white stuff on the ground would go away!
  14. This weekend, I spoke with Tony from MC Cruise again. We finally traced down the issue to the tachometer lead. He told me to unplug that input to the cruise computer and take it for a ride to check. Sure enough, I went for a short ride yesterday and found that the cruise worked flawlessly. There is some electrical noise causing that input to trigger the cruise to disengage. The tach input is not needed to run the cruise, so I can leave it as-is until I trace down the source of the problem. I am really pleased with the guys at MC Cruise. They are great to work with. I also received the Givi fog light mounting kit. I am not pleased with the bouncing that the Adventuretech light bar gives me with the heavy lights I have (not Adventuretech's fault, I like these lights a lot). Today there was 5" of snow on the ground, and it will be coming down all week ... it will be a while before I can ride again.
  15. I went with the older style switch. I have it on my 07 FJR and I am very used to it. It does block the menu button a bit, but I felt that the slim switch was so far away from my thumb that it would be more of an inconvenience than the blocked menu switch. I just flip the menu switch with my index finger, and it works fine. MC Cruise is an awesome company to work with. The product is well thought out, instructions are super clear, and if you do have any issues, they are excellent with customer service. I spent about an hour on the phone with them yesterday (on their dime) trying to sort out a glitch I was having.