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  1. Looks like tourandride.com has some Givi stuff for the Niken. Motostorm.it has a bit more. I have used Webike, and they are good.
  2. Yes, pretty much. The white is connected through the relay to the HB.
  3. I have a Skene wired up to mine as well through a relay wired for negative switching. You can adjust the brightness, but you can't use the high beam switch. You need a + signal to get the Skene dimming adjustment function to work. I just jumpered it to the + on the battery to set the brightness level, then reconnected it to the relay. Here is a diagram of how to wire the relay to switch with a negative input:
  4. I am using the Harbor Freight changer with Mojo blocks and lever (link). I also have a couple of Motion Pro tire irons to help with stubborn tires. It's bolted to the floor in the garage with 4 drop-in anchors. I can remove the stand and only leave the 4 holes behind. The stand lives in the corner of the garage when not in use. Here is a picture: Yep, I did the front in the early afternoon, The rear sat out in the sun until the evening when I could finish. It was still rather warm, but I could have used the heat gun. My buddies all ride VTX1800s, and run Michelin Commanders, and those are some stiff tires! I told them that I would not mount tires for them until they buy me a pneumatic tire machine 😄
  5. I just mounted a set of RS2s last night the front was fine, but the rear was quite stiff. Even with the bead in the drop center, and lots of lube, it took a lot more effort than I remember the RS3 I installed on my FJR (same size as the Tracer).
  6. It's almost always a technique issue. The important factors are: The bead opposite where you are working needs to be in the "drop center" of the rim. LUBE! Don't use windex or dish soap. Get some real tire lube. If you are using tire irons, take small chunks. Don't try to pull too much of the bead over the rim at once. You can also try the zip tie method, which works really well. Study up on some tire mounting videos on YouTube. If you are working too hard, your technique is off. Having said that, there are some tires that are harder to mount than others. I had a hard time with a 19" 50/50 tire on my other ride. Even with a tire changer, I had to use all 3 of my tire irons to help get the last bit of tire bead over the rim. I never had issues with the Dunlop RS3 though.
  7. I have an SCR 950 wheel in my garage. I used it to convert a Ninja 650R into an ADV bike. I can take some measurements this week, in case anyone is curious. The Axle diameter is the same, but I am sure wheel spacers will be needed, along with some type of offset bracket for the brake. Having a single disk would reduce braking power significantly, which would suck on a bike like the Tracer. You can use a larger FJR1300 disk on the SCR wheel to get better braking force. Personally, I think the Tracer engine would not be very fun in the dirt (outside of smooth gravel roads). The engine is way to high-strung, unlike a p-twin, it won't have the torque down low needed to crawl over the rough stuff. That custom ADV Tracer looks pretty awesome though!
  8. I use a Harbor Freight changer with Mojo blocks and a Mojo-lever. It works well enough. Most of the struggle is technique and lube.
  9. I just installed them on my Tracer. The frame mounts are the same for the FJ and Tracer.
  10. @Soullancer, the left mirror unscrews by turning the whole mirror assembly counter-clockwise. The right mirror turns clockwise to be removed. You need to replace the mirrors with a 10mm bolt if you plan to keep the factory handguards. I used the mirror base on the right side since I didn't have a 10mm bolt with left-hand threads.
  11. I was also having buffeting issues. In an unrelated attempt to prevent the mirrors from always getting bumped and coming loose on long rides, I decided to switch to some CRG mirrors after doing some research. I bought these (though I found a used set to save some $$): http://www.rottweilerperformance.com/quick-flip-mirror-mounts-arrow-kit/. Removing the factory mirrors resulted in very clean air flow with my 24" Madstad screen! I didn't make the change with that expectation in mind, but it worked wonderfully. There are knock-off versions of the mirrors available for much less money, but they don't have the quick rotating detent setup that the CRG mirrors have. It's not a necessary feature, but it is really nice for lane filtering. Note, the Rottweiler kit includes a mount to attach the mirrors to KTM handguards, and not the actual bars. I had to make a spacer and get some longer screws for them to work with the Tracer handguards. Here are what the mirrors look like on the bike: In other news, I have had a super annoying whistle ever since I installed the Madstad. I thought it was my helmet at first, but the whistle didn't change or go away when moving my head or covering vents. It turns out the little "V" cutout on the Madstad bracket is a perfect whistle at 60+ MPH: Covering the hole with Gorilla tape silenced the whistle:
  12. I ran a larger rear on my FJR a couple of times (same stock size 180/55). I noticed very little change. No fitment issues either.
  13. The light bar that the brackets attach to looks like the factory Yamaha setup (I think it is sold in the EU only).
  14. Yesterday, I installed some CRG Arrow mirrors on Rottweiler mounts (designed for KTMs) that I picked up used for a good price. It took a little work to attach them to the stock handguards, but I like them a lot. They are smaller, but they are convex, so they show more behind me than the stock mirrors. Today I went for a test ride to test the mirrors and try and locate the whistle I have been getting at highway speeds since installing the Madstad screen. The mirrors worked great, and wind turbulence seems reduced without the stock mirrors. I got lucky and found the whistle right away. It was the lowest cutout on the Madstad bracket. A little piece of Gorilla tape stopped the whistle. I'll come up with something to permanently close it up.
  15. I use a Perfect Squeeze. Not cheap, but neither was my phone. They have a wireless charging version as well. The mount is solid and will not let go of the phone, so no extra rubber band security measure needed like some other mounts. No affiliation with the company, just a happy customer.