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  1. I considered the single-point mount, but with my mirrors being mounted to the guard's backbone, I worried that I would get too much vibration without that second mount point. I will definitely check the switch wiring closely.
  2. I'll let you know how they are when I swap tires. I bought a set of T32s for the tracer during the rebate period last month. With the rebate, a set of T32s cost a few $ more than a single rear Road 5. I know the Michelins are good, but I don't know if they are worth the difference for me. I've been really happy with the AX41 on my Dirt Ninja. Really grippy on the road and give a lot of confidence in the dirt.
  3. I went for a short lunch-time ride yesterday. I discovered the Barkbuster brackets can cause an issue with the clutch safety switch and the MC Cruise. I tried to engage the cruise, and nothing happened. Fortunately, MCC includes an easy diagnostic at the control switch: hold the power button for 10 seconds, and the red LED will flash a code. It turns out the Barkbuster bracket was pushing on the wires from the clutch switch enough to disconnect the splitter wire that goes to the MCC brain. I quick adjustment of the angle on the handguards fixed the issue. Also, I do love how that new white vinyl sparkles in the sun!
  4. Thanks! Yeah, the front vent panels were a pain. I used two pieces of vinyl and knifeless tape. The tank was not as bad as I was expecting. The little panels under the seat were tough too. I am undecided if wrapping I any easier than painting. Yeah, there is a lot of prep for paint, but it goes on easier and looks better (when done by a hack like me at least). Yes, I think some rim tape is in order.
  5. Thanks! Yes, the goo and Tracer stickers will go next. I ran out of garage time for the day 🙃
  6. I finished wrapping today. Man, that is tough stuff. The vinyl is very forgiving. It takes a lot of planning and technique to get it looking even halfway decent. My job looks great from 10' away... Then I installed the Super Tenere pegs I bought off fleabay back in December. Took some filing, but they feel great.
  7. It has begun! I have watched a few hours with of YouTube videos about wrapping. It seems people are split on wrapping with things on the bike vs off. For these small pieces, I don't know how I could do it off the bike. They need to be anchored to get the proper stretch in places. It's far from perfect, but I am happy for my first attempt. I'll do the tank next. I'm using 3M 2080 Gloss White Gold Sparkle. It's a pretty close match to the front panels.
  8. I tried to find a connector to match the black one, but was unable to. I checked Cycle Terminal and fleabay.
  9. I believe that is correct. The FJR has painted panels where the bags mount, where the Tracer/FJ-09 have matte/textured panels. My FJR had clear paint protection stickers like that on the panels around the bag mounts.
  10. I went on a short ride during my lunch break to snag a tag for this year's Mileage Mania this year. The Barkbusters are nice. They block a lot more wind than the stock handguards. It does seem like the mirrors buzz just a little bit more at highway speed (70-80 mph) than with the stock guards, but not too bad. I love the stock Tenere cruise buttons - so much easier to reach and operate than the MCC controller. Does this angle make my butt look big? The 53L Givi case is a bit portly, but oh so useful!
  11. That looks great! Now just get rid of those pumpkin turn signals 😄
  12. As Roy said, the view is good. They show more of what is behind me. It does take a little extra glance to see them, but it isn't an issue for me. I keep my head on a swivel, so I'm always glancing around anyway. Here are the mirrors: Rottweiler Performance Quick Flip Mirror Mounts (Arrow Kit) The best Adventure bike mirrors! They are certainly not cheap. I scored mine used, so I paid quite a bit less. There are knockoff mirrors on fleabay, but they don't have the 4 detent positions for the mirror stalk. The Rottweiler mount itself is $40. And, yes, there is much less buffeting with the CRG mirrors. I wasn't planning on that benefit, but it was a very pleasant surprise!
  13. I had them mounted to the stock handguards, and there was a little vibration. It was less than the stock mirrors, and only there at certain rpms. I haven't had a chance to ride with the Barkbusters yet, but I'll report back when I do. I haven't ridden with the mirrors the other way. I only tilt them in when lane filtering gets tight, or when parked. I'm sure the view would be OK from the inner position. As they are now, I don't see any of my shoulders or arms. Just a bit of my Givi trunk. The biggest advantage to them for me is the reduced wind turbulence caused by the stock mirrors (as well as not having to fight the mirrors coming loose all the time).
  14. No, I have an aftermarket cruise control made by MCCruise. I took the switches from a Super Tenere, which fit in the Tracer switch pod, and wired them to the MCCruise. MCCruise supplies a controller that attaches to the mirror stock, which you can see here:
  15. I installed Barkbusters and drilled holes for the Rottweiler/CRG mirror setup. I dig the look. I got white Storm handguards in case I decide to wrap the grey plastics in white. I think I have to now...