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  1. Personally, I think it looks pretty good. Yes, it's different, but I think it makes sense when you put it next to Harley's other bikes. The overall shapes work. The adventure bike market is full of fugly bikes (a lot of people think the Tracer/FJ-09 is ugly). The GS, Tiger, Multistrada, Tenere, and Africa Twin are all pretty ugly. To me, the Pan Am looks clean (no crazy angles, extra plastic bits, or beak), and everything serves a purpose. With Harley's reputation for build quality (Street series excluded), I expect the fit and finish to be top notch.
  2. I really like it. I really hope it does well. In a few more years, when I am ready for something new (I get bored sometimes...), it will be at the top of my list. The specs look great, no valve adjustments, and unparalleled dealer support are huge pluses in my mind. I think it looks pretty good in the solid colors (black, charcoal, dark green - which we don't have in the US), and compared to the BMW, KTM, Yamaha, and even Ducati options, it looks very clean. The only similar bike that I like is the Triumph Scrambler 1200, which is a gorgeous bike.
  3. Could be tight links in the chain. Do you notice it at low speeds, high speeds, when taking off from a stop, etc.?
  4. I was thinking more along these lines: The area where the spokes meet the center hub has some holes for drainage, but stuff can get in there. It is open around where the brake disks bolt to it, but depending on the size/shape of the object, it may not easily fall out.
  5. Is there something inside the tire? Or maybe in the center hub area (between where the spokes attach and where the bearings are? That would account for the "irregularness" of the sound when you spin the wheel without the calipers.
  6. No adapter plate necessary. The Givi pins and latch bolt right to the SW Motech rack's top plate. I think the grab rails are very similar in width to the stock ones. Picture courtesy of Twisted Throttle: You can see the different mounting holes for different brand bags.
  7. I use an SW Motech rack that has a plate with strap-down points and the GIVI monokey mount points. I often ride without the top box and tie stuff to the rack without issue. SWM sells different mounting kits for all kinds of boxes (Givi, Shad, etc.) for the top plate.
  8. I went with the FOBO TPMS for this reason. I would rather know before I leave the garage if I need air rather than down the road. A bit more $ up front, but more convenient for me.
  9. The nice thing about the dedicated dash cams is that they are much less noticeable. The remote lenses make tucking them in out of the way much easier than a GoPro (or clone). Here is the front camera: And the rear just poking out under the top box:
  10. I also have a Halocam M1. It has been going strong for almost 3 years now (moved it from my FJR to the Tracer last year). The video quality is fine for dashcam purposes, nothing amazing. The front camera is mounted under the front headlight area, and the rear of my rear rack. I have always been wary of the Inovv products after reading a lot of reviewers with long-term reliability issues. It seems they finally figured things out with the latest K2 units. They also just realeased the K5, but at almost $500, I don't see the value in it. I just want something to document an issue, just in case something happens.
  11. Got another email from Madstad: 15% through the end of January: SAV15
  12. Thanks for pointing that out! I think I will build a new harness to plug in down at the module so I don't have to hack up the MCC controller wiring. I'll make sure to include a wire to carry the current back to the SET/RES button if I do my own harness. I have some time to plan it out. Our garage is just getting finished up, and I have all the stuff to move in and get organized before I can tackle this project.
  13. At least wait until I post results before giving praise. There is now guarantee I won't break things 😆 Daz is the inspiration. I'm pretty good at following directions and not screwing up too badly most of the time. In all seriousness, I've done enough wiring and soldering that I feel comfortable with attempting this, but I am far from expert. I think the worst part for me will be cutting the MCCruise controller harness to splice the DIY parts in.
  14. I just bought a used Super Tenere left-hand switch pod and all the resistors/LED parts I'll need to copy Daz's amazing mod. Hopefully I don't let out the magic smoke 😄
  15. They are mountain on the factory plastic handguards. Are the SW guards aluminum? If so, they should drill fairly easily. I have seen the Rottweiler mount attached to Cycra handguards, which are aluminum.