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  1. Looks just like mine. What a sweet ride. Congrats!
  2. Good Morning tktplz, Well, one saying comes to mind; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! I guess you got all these out of the way now ready for riding season. I'm a few years younger than you are, but I tell you, when I get on my bike, I'm like a kid again! When it comes to weather, what stops me is heavy rain. Other than that, I ride all the time as it is my sole means of transportation. Lately, I was a bit of a loner on the road with not many bikers around. Yesterday, while at CycleGear, people were showing up and buying stuff and all... Then, as I got back to my place, I could hear monstrous motorcycle exhaust screams going up and down Carrollton Ave! As I didn't want to be left out, I put my wheel back on and went out to test that new shoe. It felt just right. Have a great week-end, Fabrice
  3. Well. it's done! Ended up costing $76.87 with tax but I had the shop put in brand new right angle pressure valves as well. Thank you all for your input! Reagards, Fabrice
  4. Yep, I know'em. They're actually very close by and I do business with them. Very friendly crew and helpful. It's a nice sunny day today so I might do that this morning. I watched TwoWheelObsession on youtube last night. He was changing the tires on his FZ-09 and then concluded that it was just not worthy! Regards, Fabrice
  5. Hey TKTPLZ, Love your post! I guess I should be heading up your way once you get your setup all in!!! It'd be a nice ride up. I did what you suggested about calling around and so far, I got Cycle Gear at 50 bucks with tax if I bring the rim and tire in. They might be my best bet. I saved quite a bit on the Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II at $87.66 and free shipping. Can't beat that! Best Regards, Fabrice
  6. Hi Everyone, First post here on the forum. I'm an expat from Paris, France and I now live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been riding my beautiful FJ-09 since Dec.6, 2019. It's a 2015 model that I went and picked up in San Antonio, Tx. The bike is flawless and rides like a dream. I'm used to riding in Paris where the riding is much more aggressive than it is here. So, I have to watch my speedometer and my ego constantly not to blow my M endorsement! All that said, I have found that motocycle dealerships here are like dentists, they always want to make the most money out of your visit. Not sure if it's a good analogy but anyway! I am looking for a shop in New Orleans or around to simply unmount and mount my new rear wheel tire. I have bought the tire and I will take the wheel off myself. Does anyone know a place and if it is affordable? I appreciate all your help and suggestions. Regards, Fabrice