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  1. Definitely agree. I use mine occasionally on tight mountain roads during spirited riding. A downshifting option would be really nice. I've had factory fitted up and down QS's on two bikes in the past.
  2. I installed a radiator protector on my new GT this morning. This is the first accessory and definitely a must have in the southwest. Purchased this one on Amazon for about $45.00 shipped. It's probably made it China but it is excellent quality and fit with no problems at all.
  3. Welcome to New Mexico! There is some good riding up your area. When I used to live in Santa Fe I would ride SR 14 from SF down to Tijeras and also do the road up to Sandia Peak. South of Tijeras on SR 337 is good (though I only did that once.) Also, you can go a little bit northwest past Bernalillo on US 550 and take SR 4 up to White Rock and Los Alamos (definitely recommend.) If you go to Santa Fe, the road up to the ski basin is really good. If you go southeast of Santa Fe to Pecos, SR 63 all of the way to Cowles is a nice ride.
  4. I appreciate the info. I'll get out this week and put some miles on it to get a good feel of how it brakes and handles. Patrick
  5. Thank you, Bill!! I am very excited to get out and ride it sometime next week. It's relatively nice outside today but I have to work on my neighbors truck. 😞 Patrick
  6. Scott, Unfortunately it was better to just pick it up in the truck. In fact I'm glad that I did because there was very heavy rain in the area on Friday. The dealer was not in San Antonio like I had first indicated in my post, it is in Kerrville. Destination Cycle. Pretty good people to deal with overall. I would deal with them again. Here are some pics of my bike. Loaded and ready to go and at its new home in White Signal, NM. Patrick
  7. Thanks, Scott! I'm heading to San Antonio tomorrow afternoon to pick up the bike. I'm so looking forward to getting it.
  8. Yes, it definitely is a hoot! The 90 mile section of old US 666 (now US 191) from Alpine AZ to Morenci AZ is really awesome though you have to be careful of the deer and elk. The elevation drops from 8000' in Alpine to 4,700' in Morenci.
  9. Thank you for your input, Betoney. Yes, a radiator guard is first on the list for accessories. Not having a guard on a bike here in the southwest can make you learn the hard way. I'm interested to see how the stock seat works out for me. That could be something that I'll change. Oh, and those turn signals...those are something that I'll have to work on. I have been up in your area twice on my Super Tenere while visiting family in Bremerton. I really like the PNW and its a place where I could certainly live Definitely come down to my area sometime, I don't think that you would be disappointed. I live on the bottom end of the Gila National Forest. There is also a lot of great off-road riding to be done down here as well.
  10. Hello everyone, I will be taking delivery of a new 2019 Tracer 900 GT sometime in the next few days and it seemed like a good idea to join this forum. I am looking forward to gaining knowledge and sharing my experiences concerning this wonderful machine. The Yamaha CP3 has intrigued me since its introduction, and after countless demo rides on the GT, I finally pulled the trigger. I live the mountains of southwest New Mexico and I have a decent amount of twisty roads at my disposal both here and in eastern Arizona. I'm sure that the GT will exceed my expectations when taking full advantage of these mountain byways!