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  1. After three failed original cam chain adjusters I had to replace the cam chain, so I went to manual adjuster .  No more problem .   Replaced fuel pump around 55,000 miles , second one still good .  Replaced rear shock about 150,000 miles .  That's it except for normal maintenance .  Oil change every 4,000 miles and it doesn't use any oil .  No fluid leaks at all.  Changed to National Cycle windshield after about a year .  Everything else is original .



  2. Stock windscreen, $50 shipped or pick up in Bucks County PA. It's in decent shape but does have some light surface scuffing you can see when in the light.
  3. Parabellum 26" tinted windscreen for '15-17 FJ09. Includes all mounting hardware. Has some light surface scratches but you have to be in the right light to see them. $125 shipped or meet in Bucks County PA
  4. I would imagine the bottle being accurate. Probably regulated to a point of penalty if it was inaccurate.
  5. I went from stich to Motoport for suits. It's great gear but it really hasn't kept with the times. Lots of competition from better textile brands like Klim, Revit, even newer Icon stuff.
  6. I've migrated to overpants for everything. Mesh for the summer, they're generally more comfy than jeans. Or road rash.
  7. I've tried a lot and always go back to the cheap foamies
  8. Mine actually leaked once, but to be fair it was in a legitimate hurricane and the exhaust was underwater a few times...
  9. I did the same thing with clamp on pegs on the engine bars
  10. I just sold mine for exactly this reason. It was so practical and reasonable that it was boring to me.
  11. I always put one on bikes with vulnerable radiators. Never had a puncture but they always end up dinged up and fins bent.