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  1. First Day Out Post with 2 votes and 80 views. Shared by HyenaoftheSea. First Day Out Took her out for the first time today. Really love the quickshifter!
  2. Good call out.... Hmm. Maybe I need to find a spot I can just camp out with my bike then....
  3. Hi All, I'm the new proud owner of a 2015 FJ09 with 12k miles on the clock. I bought it off of a friend of mine that happens to be a member on here so the bike may be familiar to some of you. Comes with a lot of goodies I would've done if I bought one so seemed like a no-brainer. He also kept all the paperwork for literally everything and got the YES warranty so I'm covered until June of this year (which will be good since I need to get that transmission recall done). I've been riding for 7 years-ish now and this will be my first real foray into sport touring and commuting. My other bikes were either a little too high strung or uncomfortable for me to want to ride on the 70 mile round trip to work, but the FJ seems like the perfect fit. I plan to do some bucket list rides this year too, hopefully doing the Tail (or Back?) of the Dragon along with some superslabs down to Atlanta to visit my God Daughter in the fall. Biggest thing I want to do is combine my two loves of hiking/backpacking with riding and do some longer trips to trail heads, hike for a day or so in a large loop, camp, and then come back to my bike and ride home. Sounds like a good weekend to me. I live in the Shenandoah Valley which is pretty great if you're a motorcyclist, especially if you can dip over to West Virginia where the roads get a little bit more interesting. I'm a writer too and want to get into some motoring journalism on the side as I slave away in my day job and pay off my student loans that seem to never want to disappear....Which may be related to me buying motorcycles. Oh well, rather have the motorcycles. I guess I should do a build thread or something? Past bikes in case you're curious: 2006 GS500f, SV 650S, Yamaha R6, CB900, CB360, Sportster 1200c.
  4. New owner as of 1/18/2020. Pitter Patter.