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  1. Note sure what your location is but I have gotten a cheaper quote for 2020 models from dealers in Northern VA and WV so I think there is some room for negotiation.
  2. I went to test ride a Tracer last weekend. I definitely liked the bike (especially the engine!!). I liked almost everything in the bike except a couple of minor things. As other riders have reported, I definitely felt the wind on my helmet and I wasn't even going highway speed. I also found the scroll wheel on the right handlebar a bit difficult to use (I have used BMW's so I am probably comparing it against that). The temperature was about 35 F and I could still feel the cold in my fingers even with handguard, heated grips, winter gloves, and glove liners. The 2020 color actually looks much better in person than in pictures. I hated the color in the picture but now that I looked at it in-person, I gotta say its not too bad. To anyone who wants to buy Tracer but is hesitant about the color option for 2020, I suggest that you take a look at it in person and you may change your mind. I have been riding small displacement bikes for over 10 years and I gotta say, it was a little intimidating coming from R3 (my current bike). But I think (I hope) it's just a matter of getting comfortable with the bike. I was also very fearful of opening the throttle too much given my unfamiliarity with the bike and the engine (and probably because I had to sign a 'You drop it, you buy it' clause). Here are some pictures of the bike from my test ride:
  3. I definitely agree. 2500 miles is a sweet spot for a used bike. It's almost new and I dont have to worry about hidden dealership costs and breaking in the motorcycle. As for the price, I think its a very good deal. Used Tracer GTs are hard to come by in the US. The owner of bike sent me pics, vids, vin, title and everything seems good so far. Unfortunately, he is not around for a couple of weeks so I will have to wait a bit to go check it out in person. I will keep you all posted!
  4. So I came across a used 2019 900 GT for about 10k.. The bike has about 2.5k mileage and is in great condition. Clean title and comes with a extended service and new front and rear tires (not installed yet). What do you all think? Is that a good price for 2019 used model?
  5. That looks neat!! I will definitely look into that.
  6. I havent seen the 2020 Tracer GT in person so I need to check it out at a dealer and hopefully I will like it. The decision would have been so much easier if Yamaha had made the phantom black color available in US. That color combination looks sexy as hell IMO. Before I get the Tracer, I want to sell my current Ride (2016 R3) first so I dont end up with two bikes. I am still contemplating between trading in for Tracer or sell directly. I live in the city so I imagine selling directly wouldn't be a huge issue. But then again its a R3 so even if I trade in I am probably not going to lose that much money over selling directly. decisions decisions. This is also my first time selling a vehicle so I have very little knowledge about what goes into it. Do any of you have experience with selling a vehicle? If so, its probably a dumb question, but how do you get a title transferred? The bike has no lien. Also, as a seller, what are my responsibility vs buyer's responsibility in the title transfer process? Thank you all again. It's been a huge help. 😊
  7. Thanks all for the suggestions. I am 5'10/32" inseam so pretty average. I got a quote from a dealer for 2020 GT for $11850 before tax. ($11600+$100(freight)+~$150(Tag/Title)). Is that a good price for GT or is it possible to get a lower price for it?
  8. That's good to know. What about replacing the stock windshield? Is Yamaha Touring windshield good or there are any other better (cheaper) alternatives?
  9. Thanks all for the feedback guys. Seems like GT is the way to go if features are important. I have heard about the stock screen not being as good and I was going to get a comfort saddle too to keep my butt happy. I will go and check out a GT at the dealer and do a test ride.
  10. That's very interesting. I wonder if that is because people prefer GT over base model since the price difference is so low. I am definitely more leaned towards getting GT model. If I were to get GT, I would definitely prefer 2019 model over 2020. The color scheme for 2020 is just horrible in my opinion (especially compared to what EU gets). I have been checking Tracers around me on CT and unfortunately, the 2019 models are all over 200 miles away from where I am. I may have to wait until the weather gets a bit warmer to purchase and ride it back from a bit farm away.
  11. Hello Everyone, I have been very curious about the new Tracer 900/900 GT since its launch. I currently ride Yamaha R3 (2016) and I am looking to upgrade it to a sport touring oriented bike. There are a couple of options I have in mind like the new Tiger 900, Suzuki Vstrom 650XT, BMW F750GS and ofcourse Yammie Tracer 900. This is where my dilemma is: All these options look and sound good but I dont know which is one to get. I mainly use the bike to commute to work (I live in the city so no highway miles) even through winter and spring. I will also be using it to do some touring (no long hauls, no off-roading either) with a pillion so things such as luggage and accessories options, cruise control, heated grips, passenger comfort, TC, Ride Modes are important for me. Would Tracer be a good bike for what I am looking for? Are there any other options that I should be looking at that I have missed? Any suggestions/feedback that you guys can provide would be invaluable. I am currently leaning towards Tracer. I really liked my R3 and it would be very sad to let it go. Yamaha is also much more budget friendly than BMW and Triumph (as far as I know). There are a couple of base model of Tracer 900 on sale near where I live (DC metro area) around $8.5k MSRP ($10k OTD). All 900 GT are being sold MSRP at $13k (~14.5k OTD). That's about $4500 difference between Tracer 900 and 900 GT. In that case, would it be worth to pay that much extra for GT or I would be better off with base model if I can get it on sale. I know the base model doesnt have CC, heated grips, panniers though I can fix some of that by using the $ I save by not buying GT. Thank you all for your feedback.