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  1. I agree and you are spot on. If I were to alter the gearing I'd change the rear from 47 to 44, as others have done this with the results I'm seeking. I am selling one toy and will have the money for a new one & it seems the 900 GT fits my interests. I need to learn more about the CPU and fuel on/off flashing you and others refer to. I wonder who does it, why the factory wouldn't offer this (unless this is what riding modes does) and is it the on/off throttle motion that causes the jolting or snappy on/off? Thanks for the reply...
  2. Greetings from North Dakota USA. Tell me if you feel the 900 GT will fit my riding style and what, if anything I'd be displeased with. Age 66, 5' 11", 32 inseam, 220#, like cruising around town (25 - 35 mph) and single person loaded bike touring / camping. Currently have 2017 Versys 650 LT and love it except for snappy throttle and I feel is a little short on 75 mph interstate travel. As a side note I've looked at the new BMW F900XR and like it but equipped with panniers it'll be $2K more that the GT. Thanks for your thoughts and comments.