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  1. My wife is struggling to find riding pants that fit well. She doesn't ride on her own, but as my passenger on long day trips and overnights. Any ladies on here have advice? Or, any guys with ladies who went through a similar struggle already? All the pants we've tried so far seem to have been designed by men (not surprising) and have no accommodation for hips!
  2. It’s really a holdover from dirt bikes. No real function on a road bike. Just “weird” style. Which I totally support.
  3. I installed my new Yamaha 39L top case today. When I say "installed", I mean I flipped a lever up, dropped it on, and flipped the lever down... Unfortunately, the re-keyable lock kit is out of stock with Yamaha right now, and no one has it in stock. I guess the case will sit on the shelf for a few weeks!
  4. My ‘15 FJ is named Cheri. “Cherry Cheri”. My CB500X was Freddie. My XT250 was Pacman (pacman decals all over it) I never did name my two ‘79 KZ650SR’s. Not sure why.
  5. Today, I installed a BackOff brake light modulator, and some small additional red LED lights on the brake circuit. I also installed some axle sliders, just in case. R&G engine guards sometime in the future...
  6. I installed a rear rack designed for the 2019 Tracer on my 2015 FJ. In case anyone was wondering, it works! Only minor modification to the plastics as shown below. First pic shows the difference between the shape of the 2015 FJ passenger hold and the rear rack for the 2019 Tracer. This is the mount that is under the passenger seat. The second pic shows the cutout of the side plastic that needs to be made to accommodate the rear rack. The plastic is soft enough to cut with a sharp razor. Looks good!
  7. Other things that don’t make sense, but are true: parking in driveways, driving in parkways. Cars and trucks transport shipments. Ships transport cargo. “Fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the same thing. “Hot as hell” vs “cold as hell”. Hell seems confused. Rubber duckies are yellow. Who’s seen a yellow duck?
  8. Sorry Anti-Beak'ers, but I joined the Pro-Beak Club and I'm totally digging it!
  9. I have a Tutoro that was on my CB500X for 20,000+ miles. Worked great. I haven't mounted it on my FJ yet.
  10. Today I installed my Denali Micro LED lights and a USB for my phone/gps. Pictures attached, as I know we all love pics! For those who have been nervous about using the accessory plugs behind the windscreen for lights/chargers/heated grips, etc, let me tell you, it's very easy. Some of the posts on here regarding using these ports refer to the "dummy" connector that is snapped in to these accessory ports. These should be thought of less as "dummy" connectors, and more as empty connectors. All they need to become fully-functioning is the male terminals available at cycleterminal.com. See pic below. Crimp these on the end of your wire along with one of the rubber boots, and these snap right in to the empty connector attached to the accessory port connector behind the windscreen. Luckily, I had some leftovers of these terminals from this same LED install on my previous bike, a Honda. As for mounting the lights themselves, I'm a big fan of the K.I.S.S. principle, and I simply remove a fender bolt, grab a longer bolt and some spacers (white plastic in the picture), and attach the light right next to the fender. These were mounted in this way on my previous bike for over 20,000 miles. Worked great. I think it also gives it an almost OE look. I could probably improve on that more by using a single, wider black spacer in place of the two white ones. But, meh.
  11. Cool. I’m 5’7”, so I might squeak by under that buffeting with a larger screen.
  12. I bought this bike on Monday, and after a 12k service, I finally got to tinker with it. Today I installed a louder horn, side racks for my Givi cases, a triboseat gripper for my wife on the passenger seat, and my garage door opener. I also reduced the rebound on the suspension, changed the lever and switch positioning, and planned the routing for my Denali auxiliary lights. Starting to feel like my bike!