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  1. Might be cheaper to just Buy a GT and have it painted mate.
  2. I have the OEM Yamaha Cases. I found all 3 keyed with one key online for $450. I did have to purchase the mounting brackets that attach to the passenger foot pegs and under the sub frame. The top case is large enough to hold my Large Shoei RF-1200 and my Girlfriend's Med Shoei Quest. The side cases are a bit weird in shape but I've managed to fit 2 six packs of soda in one, and a 8 pack of Gatorade in the other. The top case is also deep enough to fit a gallon of milk standing up. Grocery's is a bit of a Tetris game sometimes but having packs is a life savor.
  3. oh my bad, just woke up and thought you were asking for anti glare fixes not products. don't personally own a GPS (Use my phone and Google maps), but i use the "Speedo Angels" anti glare on my dash and love it. Looks like they have some to fit Garmin units on their site https://www.speedo-angels.com/product-category/garmin/
  4. anti glare screen protector? Works for the Dash why not a GPS?
  5. That’s awesome! before the Virus me and my Mate Galen would take monthly trips to Neptune’s net, a popular biker spot off the Pacific Coast Highway, it’s a short 2 hour ride but just cruising with the ocean to your side is magic. Can’t wait to take the FJ. Galens 2014 Harley Electra Glide and My 2001 GSXR-750 in the back Eventually the Place gets packed with bikers.
  6. I was always told “Take care of what you love, and they will take care of you” so I’ve always given a name to every bike I ride. Just curious if I’m crazy or if others are just as crazy as me? Haha. My first Bike was a 1989 Yamaha Radian 600 I named “belle” My grandpa and I built her in our spare time together. then when I moved to California for school I bought a 1998 Yamaha FZR-600 I named “Amy” After I graduated I moved up to a 2001 Suzuki GSXR-750 I called “Samantha” And now I ride a 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 I call “Scarlet”
  7. Just got back from my trip to Costa Mesa. Got all 3 packs on the bike. Installed my Mirror extenders, and Ram mount. next on my list is definitely a seat upgrade, 2 hours in the saddle and my butt was aching something fierce. was going to stop by the hardware store and pick up some bolts for my Givi Windscreen but the store was closed due to the end of the world. So I’ll have to Amazon or fleabay those it seems. Tomorrow I plan on installing my radiator Guard and Tire Pressure monitoring system
  8. Okay, got one of these ordered! any idea where to find the spring(s)? I’m not sure if the PO gave them to me or not. And all I’m finding on fleabay and amazon are whole center stands or exhaust springs. (Also because this thread isn’t about that) back on topic! Today I am picking up my Yamaha Side Cases and Top Case all with matching key! I’m installing my Givi short screen after a trip to the hardware store, Installing my Radiator guard, and my Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Will update with pictures later!
  9. Sorry mate, I have a Givi Windscreen, and a MRA short screen already, good luck with the sale though!
  10. Oh trust me I’m already infected, I already found a set of Yamaha Hard cases and matching Top case that all share a key. Picking those up tomorrow. Ive got a Radiator guard and Givi Engine Bars ordered, need to find some time to get my ECU Flashed and my Suspension adjusted (upgraded) I’ve already send a Forum member some of my money for a SW-Motech Engage Tank bag and Chain Tensioners. Ive only had the bike for a few weeks and I’m already hypothetically broke haha. edit: actually I could use some help putting on the Center stand. The P.O took it off and I wanna put it back on, but can’t find any Write ups or videos on how to reinstall or change it.
  11. Oh trust me I will haha, I’ve already been thumbing through old threads and write ups on my future upgrades and projects. i definitely won’t hesitate to ask, you guys have way more knowledge haha
  12. Awesome can’t wait to read the write ups. I just bought my FJ a few weeks ago after 7 years with a 2001 GSXR-750, so I’m sure I’ll have a few projects in the future myself, if the world dosnt end first that is.
  13. Yeah I read online that Yamaha uses plastic screws so that in a crash the plastic snaps. I had planned on going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and just pursuing the hardware section till I found something. for those curious like me Givi said a 6mm bolt will fit, and @Trambo confirmed in the “What did you do to your FJ09” thread that a #10-32 bolt is an exact match. Ill probably post some pictures so that future FJ owners won’t have the same problem I did looking for Info.
  14. I know that’s the case with Givi’s taller screen, however this screen is shorter, and from the one video I did find it looks like this windscreen mounts using the stock holes. I just don’t have those bolts because the bike didn’t come with a windscreen.
  15. Hello dudes and dudettes, Chad here with another dumb question. So the P.O. Of my 2015 FJ had a “Unfortunate Transportation Accident” with the stock screen so the bike came without one. the bike was a hell of a deal and so I figured phuck it and bought it anyway, I ordered the “Givi D2122s” from Motostorm and realized I have no mounting hardware. so my ridiculous dumb question for you is: What is the screw size that holds your windscreen on? I assume m8 or something similar, but with the end of the world and people fighting over TP I wanna limit my shopping experience to in and out. Thanks y’all, Stay Safe!
  16. I’m 6’7 280lbs, I’ve just accepted that a tall windscreen will never be tall enough for me, and so I ordered a sport screen, I figure if I can aim the wind at my chest/neckline it’s going to be better then straight at the helmet. Currently the bike is naked (bought it like that) but uneven wind is unpredictable and my drive home is quite windy. Once I get the screens I’ll report back with my findings,
  17. That’s actually not bad at all! Was yours a Fleabay buy? Or the expensive one? And how’s it holding up?
  18. What was the damage out of pocket? If you don’t mind me asking.
  19. This Picture has convinced me to beak my Red FJ, Just curious how you got it in red? Vinyl? Or Paint? And how did you manage to match the “Lava Red” color.
  20. Hello Biker Dudes and Dudettes. Names Chad, Just picked up this beautiful 2015 FJ-09 this week. Can’t wait to start Modding her and making her mine. Any thoughts on where best to start? I figure crash cages, new seat, maybe luggage? Definitely an adjustable suspension. Oh and probably a skid plate to protect that oil bolt Achilles heel. anyway just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself, I’m sure there are a lot of hidden gems of wisdom in these forums so looks like I got some reading to do. Cheers!