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  1. Aerostich makes functional and durable kit, but I just can't get past the "homemade from a potato sack" look. Call me shallow.
  2. I have the 12oclocklabs signals and they're great. I found that they didn't play nice with the adjustable TST relay though - flash rate was wildly inconsistent. I went with a normal LED friendly relay from Amazon and all was well.
  3. What I'm not seeing is the front turn signals on as DRLs. Is that still required in the US? If so we may be getting pumpkins again.
  4. Looks like they also replaced the tiny sport bike pegs with the same ones that come on the Niken. But still with those damn mirrors that won't stay in place.
  5. I quite like it (except for the new panniers, they look like it got rear ended). That's a big jump in price though. And the US doesn't get the best color.
  6. Enough with the blurple already.
  7. I looked at my bike and thought "Wow, it's really dirty. I should wash it." Then I remembered it's 38 degrees and raining so I went back in where it's warm and ordered a couple farkles.
  8. This may be a dumb question, but if I want daytime running lights that are on all the time (when the bike is on), can I just connect them to the switched spare port behind the dash and not use a switch/relay/fuse?
  9. I'm a definite maybe. See See would be a logical spot and they have plenty of outdoor seating and parking.
  10. I think the Puig is the best looking of the beaks available, but $150 USD for a little piece of plastic is crazy talk.
  11. Mother in law lives on Vashon. I love that place!
  12. IME all aftermarket exhausts do on modern bikes is make them run worse and annoy your neighbors. YMMV of course.
  13. I don’t think the spy shot Tracer looks too bad. The new MT on the other hand, that thing is hideous.
  14. I have a pair of the Pyramid Plastics ones in a box somewhere. I didn't like how they mounted inside the existing guards. They take up too much room, my knuckles were bumping into them. How do the Givis mount?