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  1. You will definitely need to get stiffer fork springs for your weight. I am only 195 geared up and I have to use almost all of the available preload adjustment to set proper sag. With a proper spring for your weight you may be able to get the front end to your liking with the available rebound and compression adjustments. If you’ve become used to quality suspension, a quality shock might be your only satisfactory solution.
  2. I have two textile jackets, I'm very pleased with both. A BMW Rallye Pro 2 jacket I have owned for about ten years. Very well made, versatile, and well armoured jacket for almost any season. As it is is showing a bit of wear(chiefly the velcro fasteners) I also purchased a Fieldsheer Adventure tour jacket, and it has been wonderful! It has 90% of the quality of the Bmw, but when I got it, it was about 25% of the price. I don't think you can find one for sale anymore, but if you can, snap it up!! Well made, heavy cordura body, extremely well vented and comes with a gore-tex like rain liner as well as a thermal liner. A solid 3 season jacket. There seems to be a similar version available in Canada, but it does not have the same Cordura outer shell, so buyer beware! Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Jacket Review Fieldsheer Is Back With The Adventure Tour Outfit Fieldsheer is...
  3. So what brand of springs are you using and where are you buying from? And are they straight rate or progressives rate springs?
  4. Head of the Great Lakes, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  5. Hi all! For us north american riders, a common complaint is regarding the very unattractive orange turn signals that Yamaha uses in this part of the world. I know that many have mentioned using the LED signals from Yamaha , but at 250 cad a set I was wondering if anyone here has installed the European OEM clear turn signals and if so, any complications and where did you order from?
  6. I have had two Triumphs. The first I bought in 2006 and was a 2002 Trophy 1200. Was not a bad tourer, but screen was terrible for buffeting and noise. Kinda heavy and slow, especially compared to my previous bike, a ZZR1200. Next was a 2007 Sprint St 1050. and it was a great sport tourer. Decent comfort, great triple motor, a good all rounder and to my eye, really good looking. Replaced it with a Versys 1000 and missed the Sprint quite a bit in comparison. My new Tracer GT manages to mix the best qualities of both the Versys and the Sprint into what I think is the best bike that I have ever owned.
  7. Late to the party here, but a heads up anyway. The three key lockset will NOT work with the 39l or 50l topcases that are sold by yamaha for the tracer or fj09. They will work for the tracer/fj city side cases, but ONLY work with the FJR touring topcases. I found this out the hard way🤕
  8. Welcome Doehle! I just finished setting the preload front and rear on my new tracer 900 gt two hours ago. I weighed myself with all of my riding gear on and was sad to see i was just over 200lbs😞 I was also sad to find that at that weight with nothing in the side cases I had to set rear preload to 20 clicks in(which is getting near the max) to achieve about 40mm of sag, Same story at the front, I have the preload on the forks showing only two lines, again very nearly maxed out. After a quick test ride I was pleased to find the new settings improved ride and bump absorption, but I have very little leeway now for adding my pillion and some luggage. I guess the bike is designed to work best for someone a lot lighter than myself. If you are 220 with gear on you may have to go even further to max preload than I did. Now i have to get working on adjusting the dampening front and rear, which will require more time and effort, though the factory settings seem pretty good to me so far.
  9. I just picked up my 39 liter top case and a 3 pc lock set for my new tracer gt. When I got the bike a few weeks ago, the lock set that was supposed to come with the bike was missing. So as i was also ordering a Yamaha top case and rack I asked the dealer to get me a 3pc lock set so I would use 2 locls for the side cases and the third for the new top case. Well I installed the two side case locks and things went smoothly, the locks work the way they should. However, the third lock will not work with the topcase at all. It seems that there is an inherent design characteristic that prevents the key from being removed from this lockset only when the case is unlocked and it should be the other way around. Has anyone else here on the forum experienced the mismatch of case and lock set? Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.