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  1. Mystery solved. I shoved the bike into the sunlight and set up my phone to video pushing off the centerstand. (Of course, the first time it worked correctly!) I noticed that the whole plate on the right side moved forward when coming off the stand. On further examination, I noticed that a small hex bolt (next to the one that goes across under the bike) was loose. Loosen the GIvi protection bars and tightened it. Presto! I can't for the life of me figure out why it wasn't tight. I probably did it while installing the Givi protective bars. OOPS! Still learning at 64!
  2. I took the centerstand off, cleaned everything, regreased everything, reassembled (that spring is a PITA!). No change. There's nothing wrong with the main spring. I guess I'll live with it
  3. I've been puzzling over this for a while now. When I push the tracer off the centerstand it remains down until I bump it just a bit. I've greased the bits where the springs rotate to no avail. It seems to move freely... I'm left with the thought that the springs are worn. I've never heard of that, especially on a 2017 bike with just under 15k km. Yamaha want 30€ for both springs and I'm not convinced that that is really the problem. Anyone else experienced this?
  4. Hi, I just received my Bagster seat for my 2017 Tracer. I haven't had a chance to try it out, but it feels firmer and appears to be flatter. One concern that I have is that there is quite a gap between the passenger seat and the side panels. Is riding in the rain going to flood the small compartment? Does anyone have experience with this? Can't wait for this evening to try it out.