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  1. I'm going with the Quadlock, they are more reasonably priced and have gotten really solid reviews. Since we are in lockdown I haven't been in a hurry to pick one up, but I will probably order it today.
  2. So I have my new Tracer 900 GT, the bike is a mixture of shiny and satin. I want to protect the paint, any suggestions on wax or products? Need to keep it clean and shiny... On a second note, I was commuting home from work today and saw another brand new Tracer just like mine. But I was in my jeep and didn't have time to stop and chat... So there are more of us out in the Wilds of Idaho Thanks -Paul-
  3. That makes perfect sense, at the moment I'm just running errands around town and getting a feel for the bike. Next time I'm out on the freeway I'll lean into the throttle and try it and see how it feels. The longest ride so far was to Cycle Gear to get a pair of gloves without knuckle guards so I can turn the key without removing my glove first 😁 Thanks for the info...
  4. It's pretty nice out so I've been putting some miles on the tracer, getting a feel for the bike. One thing I really don't like is the quick shifter, I know it's supposed to be better on the gears, but it just doesn't feel natural. Maybe I just need some time with it, but I find that I'm more confident in my ability to shift the bike. Could be I'm using it wrong, but when pulling (not hard mind you), I pull it up into the next gear. I can feel the engine pause and the gear engage and then there's a small jump. I tried compensating with the throttle but that seems to make it worse, so I fell back to shifting on my own. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks -Paul-
  5. That's not far from what I see on mine (picture attached, we just moved into a new house so the garage is still a mess), that pretty much decides it then, I'll go with that. Their cases look good as well. Thanks for the nudge, my wallet will never be the same :)
  6. Pretty sure that's what I'll use, I did some more looking and really like their product. Thanks for the info...
  7. Thanks Everyone... The 'Death Sprockett' name is my gaming handle, I didn't even think twice when I signed up 😀 I'll see if I can rig something up under the passenger seat for the documents, a tank bag is a good idea, but I will be commuting in the summer to work and don't really want to have to keep putting one off and on. I will get one however, I really like the Givi system as they lock right above the gas tank. UltimateAddOns look really good, I also found one called RockForm that looks good, it's just really expensive for a bike mount. I looked at the Ram Mount and didn't like their phone holder. I have one of their systems in my jeep and it's great, but I would not use it on a bike. I've already ordered the radiator guard Cheers -Paul-
  8. I just picked up a brand new 2020 Tracer 900 GT, this is my second bike, the first was a BMW RT1100R that I stopped riding about 15 Years ago due to the area we lived in being to dangerous to ride. But that was then and it's time to go back up on two wheels. Since it's been so long since I have ridden I'm taking a refresher course next week to get back in the groove again. I'm super excited to start riding again, but I'm wiser and slower so I'm easing into this, I do however have some questions... 1. Where are you storing things like registration? I can use the saddle bags, but there will be times I will want to ride without them, there isn't much room under the passenger seat. Have people found a better solution? 2. What are people using to mount their phones?, I don't want anything above the display, I was looking at the handle bars as an area to mount the phone so I can use it for GPS... 3. Any idea what to use to protect the paint, I was going to get some wax for the fairings, but I'm not sure what to use around the tank since the paint is satin. Like I said I'm super excited, I got a taller windshield (I'm 6'4") and the heated comfort seat, and some engine guards (it has been 15 years after all)... Thanks -Paul-