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  1. I can see Insta360 oneX on handle guard... Do you have any vids uploaded on YouTube? I'm quite interested in that camera, I wonder how that thing/position would be taken.
  2. Thanks... uh well, I had a short ride this morning for a test. It seemed Okay for outward trip, but when I returned home... the extension was caught by a tire. 180km/h speed or air current may have caught the extension. Maybe I extended its length too much. I'll try 2/3 extending next time.
  3. OK, here's what I did today. I used EVA foam (a plastic or a cellular foam, what ever you call, its a soft foam 3mm thick) in order to fit the extension to the curve of rear fender. Costs about $2.50, took me approx 15min lol. 1. Black square sheet is the plastic foam. (t=3mm) 2. traced rear fender edge with a pen and cut out from cardboard paper. 3. also traced and cut out from the plastic foam. 4. attached with adhesive tape which I had for home use, it'll probably fly away in a certain speed... even if I put a weight on it to leave it for a day.
  4. Took off my rear mud guard to see if I could extend length for reducing splash when rain. I envy the shape of MT-09 rear mud guard which shape is quite straight....
  5. That's Yamaha TT-250R Raid. It's a dirt bike TT-250R derivative, kind of light weight tourer/adventure bike made in 1995.
  6. Seem gasoline is very cheap in US. 138JPY=1liter, so maybe $4.8 for a gallon. I went to mountain this morning to ride, only stopped for take pics, gas and p.
  7. Japanese sellers are mostly not adopted to international shipping due to language problem. 1/3 shipping is incredible. But recent virus issue made air freight expensive due to decreasing flights.
  8. Yes it worked fine. I had panniers so there are some scratches on it, and handle guard also have scars on the edge...
  9. It's a urethane-ish clamped slider, I think.
  10. Took some pics of Engine guards. It was lucky that I fell off the day after attached the engine guards...
  11. "MT" symbol reminds me of "Decepticons", I wonder if Tracers will transform...
  12. Are you guys in Idaho, is earthquake alright? Hope you and your family, and Tracer are okay.
  13. You mean manufacturer? Its "Daytona". https://daytona-global.com/
  14. Well, I took this photo from upper angle, so you might feel odd. This is Daytona engine guard, the brand you might not see in overseas. There's no Tracer photo on the Daytona website, borrowed photos are XSR900 and MT-09, though its the same guard so you can see how it fits and relation to the footpeg/rear brake.