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  1. I found the perfect for me eBay special - a low mile Sargent seat at a cost I can live with, and I should share my thoughts on the initial feel. Product - front and rear World Sport Performance Seat #WS-646-19; used w/ 200 miles (claimed). Bike - 2017 FJ-09, stock height / suspension / drivetrain, 4400 mi. Rider - 155 lbs sans gear, maybe 165 lbs with boots / helmet / jacket etc. I have been slowly learning to hate the stock seat of the FJ. After 100 miles or so, I must get off for at least a few minutes. My longest day has been about 300 miles, although I would like to do much more. A real complaint for me has been the feel of forward sloping - I find myself constantly pushing back to keep off of the tank. My pants and undershorts bunch badly, things are tight, it's uncomfortable, and it's all-the-time. The other main issue is the harsh feel. The seating is wide enough for me (5'8", 30" waist), but I can regularly feel the hard seat pan. Ok, ok - maybe suspension settings and poor road maintenance are not ideal, but still the seat is an issue. I have no idea how bigger riders tolerate this at all. Living in rural east Texas means no apparent opportunity to test an aftermarket seat, nor do I have previous experience with any brand. This means that the choice of Sargent was based on availability at a cost I can tolerate, as well as my research on Tracer900. So thanks goes to y'all. The shipping was super quick, the packing was great (thanks goes to that dude), the installation was a couple of minutes - just swap on the latch. I like the look, and the fit appears right on. My hopes were sky high, but I am more pragmatist than dreamer - the first sit in the driveway was good, not great. I was not blown out of the water. Ok. So a trip around the block was in order, and this was completed. Again, I felt hopeful - the position feels good, definite improvement on the forward slope complaint, and no hard spots. With gear, I went for a 60 mile ride on gently sloped, gently curving rural roads. By 15 miles in, I was convinced this was an improvement guaranteed to make me happy! By the end of the ride, it was clear to me that I will be able ride much, much further on the Sargent in comparison to the stock seat. I did not feel sore, nor fatigued. It is a bit slippery of a surface, and I slide forward a touch when slowing (jeans today, not riding pants). It is easy enough to slide back to where I like with acceleration. The important thing about this is that for me the occasional slipping forward was not uncomfortable. It does not feel as though the Sargent slopes forward so severely as the stock seat, perhaps improvement of 50%, but again, this was far less bothersome on the first test. An important note here - the seat cushion has relief through the middle to reduce pressure on the prostate region. Apparently this is important to me as a prostate owner. If you haven't one .... well, maybe you will like that feature anyway? Takeaways overall: Looks like it belongs on the bike. Feels wide and firm, but not uncomfortable. Firm flex over rough road vastly improved over stock - no bottoming to the seat pan. Mid-seat relief reduces pressure on important zones. Inspires longer distances - more testing to follow. Gotta run - I hear the FJ calling from the garage for bath time.
  2. WOW! I really hadn't thought of this happening as yet another effect of the virus. We have been enjoying the scenery with occasional motorcycle escapes from boredom at home (my employer required WFH beginning 3/14). In Texas, we are seeing 'stay home' or 'shelter in place' orders from the local governments limiting all to only 'essential' activities. However, in the fine print, it is clear that the orders are nothing more than a reiteration of the existing governor's mandates. In Texas, this means <10 people gathering and 6' distancing, and very few businesses are required to close. These local orders list exceptions for everything to be essential - in other words, these are no further limiting than the state's week-old orders. They seem designed simply to offer the appearance of doing something, while stubborn independent Texan's go on about life as normal.
  3. New member, have owned the bike for less than a year. I have only added a couple of things, but am very pleased with the bar risers. I stumbled on these when looking through the ADV site, and with the discount offered there, ordered immediately. Great communication from the company and quick shipping. Installation was less than 10 minutes to bring the bars up an inch and back an inch. Nice product for about $60. I also ordered one of their 12v pumps. Besides testing upon arrival, I am thankful to have had no use for the pump.
  4. Hello to all - What a great site, thanks to everyone! You helped me to make an informed decision last year when shopping, and I picked up a new leftover 2017 for a good price. Over 3000 miles, and loving the bike! Cheers from northeast Texas!