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  1. WOW! I really hadn't thought of this happening as yet another effect of the virus. We have been enjoying the scenery with occasional motorcycle escapes from boredom at home (my employer required WFH beginning 3/14). In Texas, we are seeing 'stay home' or 'shelter in place' orders from the local governments limiting all to only 'essential' activities. However, in the fine print, it is clear that the orders are nothing more than a reiteration of the existing governor's mandates. In Texas, this means <10 people gathering and 6' distancing, and very few businesses are required to close. These local orders list exceptions for everything to be essential - in other words, these are no further limiting than the state's week-old orders. They seem designed simply to offer the appearance of doing something, while stubborn independent Texan's go on about life as normal.
  2. New member, have owned the bike for less than a year. I have only added a couple of things, but am very pleased with the bar risers. I stumbled on these when looking through the ADV site, and with the discount offered there, ordered immediately. Great communication from the company and quick shipping. Installation was less than 10 minutes to bring the bars up an inch and back an inch. Nice product for about $60. I also ordered one of their 12v pumps. Besides testing upon arrival, I am thankful to have had no use for the pump.
  3. Hello to all - What a great site, thanks to everyone! You helped me to make an informed decision last year when shopping, and I picked up a new leftover 2017 for a good price. Over 3000 miles, and loving the bike! Cheers from northeast Texas!