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  1. any long term follow up on the Rizomas? I just got my 2019 Tracer a month ago but am already focused on getting the bars changed out. i'm coming over front the SV650 and, in retrospect, i really liked the bars on that bike.
  2. installed Puig racing windscreen and Denail soundbomb mini. 2 weeks ago, picked up from suspension shop with install and setup of Nitron fork cartridges and NTR-2 rear shock (thanks ADVRich!!!)
  3. are the handguard lights bright enough to be effective DRL?
  4. sorry for the weird type, hopefully this is better? beyond the proper fit now, are you satisfied with it's function? brightness? etc? or is it still lmited by viewing angle (not a function of preset brightness level)? also- i like the setup synching the blaster x and other turn signals. you running stock signals or LED?
  5. s stumbled across this post after riding in some steady rain today. my wife was following me on the highway and commented she couldn't see the running lights very well in heavier rain. got me wondering what would be a safer option for both running lights and braking. any follow ups from the 2 of you who installed this in March?
  6. trying to find a lock for rear brake rotor- purchase a nice abus 8707 but it wont' fit the rear rotor. the holes in the rear brake rotor are 5mm, yes?
  7. ....received it??? 😀 purchased online from out of state dealer, arrived this morning. still getting to know one another but super excited
  8. Thx! I have the v system under the pillion on my sb650 and was hoping to do something similar but don't have the tracer in possession yet......
  9. i know there are many threads on various engine guards, slider etc- i'm planning on getting givi TN2139 engine guard. what else do i need to get to optimally protect my bike or is this good enough?
  10. i'm picking up a 2019 tracer soon (woohoo!) and was hoping someone could send a pic of the underseat storage space. would like to install scottoiler and place the reservoir there if i can thx
  11. I'm in NYC, that bike is in Illinois. Would be shipping
  12. Sry if this slots in b/n politics and religion, but I've sourced a new 2019 tracer for just under 8k out the door. Fair price? Anyone seeing less than that? Thx eager to join the ranks
  13. thx again for the thoughts. this is maybe a weird follow up, but is the triple too much to deal with in heavy stop/go traffic? i've also been contemplating the mt07 which will be better suited for pure city riding but not so friendly for the wife, i'm guessing? btw, i'm super close to pulling the trigger on either a used tracer/FJ or a new bike if i can find a good deal/dealer that is open....
  14. Husqy, that for the feedback. anything in particular you miss about the SV c/w FJ? also should have mentioned, my last bike was a Bandit 1200 that i commuted on. that was challenging and heavy but doable. wife liked that one better