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  1. I just grabbed a Cardo Freecom 4+, as my first bluetooth headset. Previously I just had a plug in pair of helmet speakers, so this is my first experience. I specifically wanted the JBL sound that the 4+ and above offers, and didn't want to buy the lower Freecom offerings and then pay extra to get the JBL speakers. I ride solo, so intercom wasn't a concern either. Got the unit quickly and it went in pretty easily in my LS2 Challenger GT helmet. After some messing around with the speaker placement and updating the firmware - it works great! The voice commands are a cool "feature" but only work half of the time and honestly it's not that big of a deal to me. Phone calls seems to be pretty simple and from what I'm told, I sound good at highway speeds. Overall, can't complain! I'm waiting on my Ram mount to get here, so I can control some of the features via the Cardo app, but for now I'm happy!
  2. Just got back into riding after a few years hiatus - so I needed the full kit again. Turns out I'm a long oval and finding those isn't easy (and explains why my old helmets always left that beautiful red mark on my forehead.) I ended up looking through some reviews and found lots of mentions of LS2 helmets being LO sized and having a pretty good rep too. I ended up going with their Challenger GT one and LOVE it. The optics are fantastic, the built in sun visor is the best I've ever seen and ventilation is great in FL heat. So far I got one little hotspot on the forehead, and had to slightly adjust the foam but it's great now. Added a Cardo Freecom 4+ and I'm set! Only other complaint so far is it's kinda noisy, but I'm tall so unless I get huge windshield, noise will always be an issue. https://ls2helmets.com/uk/road/challenger-hpfc
  3. That's exactly my thoughts. Gotta protect it, so I can enjoy it. Thanks for the info, I'm tall so a seat and windshield are top of the list.
  4. Getting back into riding after a few years without. This is my first true sport touring bike, but had some time with a Bandit 1200, and a C50 and VS700 when cruising suited me. Can't wait to get into some fun with my GT, looking to do some tweaking and making it mine but looks like the GT comes really well equipped compared to my previous rides.
  5. First post. I was looking for a leftover 19 GT and according to my local sales guy, the Yamaha Rep said there's only two left in the US. I spoke with one dealer in TX - they didn't want to come off their price. Ended up finding an incredible deal with Big St. Charles in MO. Still in the crate 2020 GT for $11,500 OTD tax/tag. I'm in FL, so delivery was around $475. Heck of a deal.