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  1. Negative. They do not. A heat gun is one of those tools that everyone should have in their disposal. Incredibly useful for all sorts of applications. Even if you "splurge" on one, you won't spend more than about 40 - 50 US doll hairs for them. And those previously mentioned connectors are incredibly easy to use, and provide a quality connection, if not a bit pricey.
  2. I don't have any experience with small textile tailbags. Any particular reason why you are considering a tail bag instead of a tank bag?
  3. I have used both the Grip Puppies and Grip Buddies on my 'Wing. I think the Puppies are easier to install, especially with the air compressor method, and they look better. But despite the weird look of the seam on the Buddies, they're the better option IMHO. They are more comfortable to me, and allow heat from the handlebars to come through more consistently. The Puppies also got *soaked* in the rain and felt mushy. They are both "wear and tear" items and will eventually need to be replaced with age, so try whichever one you feel would work best for you, and if after a couple of seasons you don't like them, then you can try the other. Neither are particularly expensive. Having said all of that, I think I would put the Puppies on my Tracer as I don't use the heat as often on this bike, and I feel like the foam would soften out the vibrations a bit better (strictly speculating on this, as the old man bike I primarily ride doesn't have any vibration to speak of).
  4. Corbin definitely makes the best looking seat for our rides, even if the reviews of the comfort have been less than stellar. But I would very much like to hear your thoughts. I've been living with a gel pad for the last year and would definitely like to get something better. What color stitching did you choose to match the Dull Yellowish Red Cocktail? That looks pretty spot on in the photos.
  5. I have about 3000 miles on Ivan's flash as well. My biggest complaint is the smell. I feel like it is *way* too rich. What can be done about the cat, really, except remove it with an exhaust upgrade.
  6. See my other posts when I replaced my cartridges with Traxxion AK-20 cartridges if you want to see how I made a homemade tool to remove the cartridges. PVC pipe, Dremel sander and 10 minutes. That's all you need.
  7. If it's any consolation, taking the turn signal apart, while a bit fiddly, is not really that difficult. There are 2 screws holding the housing together, two screws holding the base to the handle bar, and 1 or 2 screws to full remove the horn button, and gain access to the turn signal switch assembly itself. I believe when I installed the Smart Turn system, it took me less than 45 minutes to disassemble and reassemble. The only tricky part is slipping the bundle of wires back under a clip on the bottom half of the control housing.
  8. And for anyone who believes that DeoxIT is expensive, I'll leave you with this: "Do you know why divorces are so expensive? Because they're worth it". See also: Plexus.
  9. I believe any benefit to be psychological at best, but YMMV. I'm so dismayed at the design of it, that I just don't think there's a lot of hope for it. I've half considered taking it apart to try to re-engineer it myself. Perhaps switching out the button action for a tactile switch. DeoxIT won't hurt anything, so by all means give it a shot. It *does* provide lubrication, and cleans off contacts, so if that's the main problem you're having, then it may work the treat for you.
  10. That jog wheel on the GT is the biggest letdown on the bike for me. It's infuriating to use while riding. Inevitably, as you suggested, the action ends up registering a *roll* in addition to a push, if it reads the push at all. Any solution you use won't fix the inherit design flaw. However, I *will* give a huge thumbs up to DeoxIT. I use that stuff in just about every electro-mechanical connection. The standard "D" series stuff is all you need.
  11. Another thumbs up for the Givi solutions for me. I have both the 46L and 30L dolimiti top cases and I feel like they were well worth the investment from the security standpoint alone. I slap the 46L on when I need to secure my helmet. Or if I'm just commuting to/from work where I can take my helmet in with me, the 30L is plenty of space for my 16" macbook.
  12. Considering an FJR was *my* first bike, It's hard for me to say that the Niken couldn't be a beginner motorized cycle.
  13. Wow, that really was all questions answered...Very thorough.
  14. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but I seem to recall from Ryan F9's video that the Niken has a limited turning radius owing to its limited lean. I remember when I first started riding that I would occasionally run wide in the turns, and my MSF training saved me by remembering to push on the inside handlebar to get the bike to roll over a bit more. Could there be a scenario where the Niken wouldn't allow the rider an "out"? I'm fascinated by three wheelers in general and am quite curious about this.
  15. I ride with a 46L tail case pretty much everywhere. But even without it, I've gotten into the habit of mounting from the right footpeg. The sidestand is too short for me to mount from the left. I have even started mounting the 'wing this way as well.