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  1. For anyone who is still chasing the perfect windshield here’s my take. 5’9” with 32” inseam. Low seat position. The sport shields are pretty much worthless for me. Both look fine, but the Calsci shorty actually is hard to ride with. The vstream sport shield is a little better, but not enough. The Calsci medium is really like a barn door. It will likely force you to move your mirrors. It does not seem like the mount will hold up to the weight of it long term, but that’s probably just being paranoid. It isn’t that heavy, and performance wise it does a great job of shielding. It blocks almost all the noise at 70-75, and it still lets in a little air around the sides. The vstream medium is honestly probably the best looking, but I found it to have a bit of a rhythmic buffeting, not bad at all, and different helmets might make all the difference, who knows? Now I also tried the puig touring. It is so good at making a pocket of air that I think I could only think about using it in cold weather. It was about 90 deg and I wasn’t getting near enough air to cool off. Not even around the sides. Not even in the lowest position, which I might say is high enough for almost all speeds that I would go...the height in the highest position is as high as I could have a windshield at my torso length. The pics are calsci medium next to Puig, vsream medium next to Puig, and vstream medium next to vstream sport.
  2. I got the spacers to work! Just needed to try a little harder I guess. Anyway, I think that is the ticket for me. I’ll post more details later, but I find that moving the shield out that half inch or so must act somewhat like the vent in the calsci shield. It doesn’t necessarily cause any less wind (which is good with me) but it’s calms it down. I’d even say significantly.
  3. I tried that one day and couldn't get the holes to line up with about 3/4" spacers. Didn't make sense...it shouldn't have changed any dimensions as far as I could tell.
  4. I’ve changed my mind on this actually...rode a little more with and without helmet. It might be cleaner air, but it seems like it makes the air more ferocious at anything over 50mph. If you turn your head at those speeds it feels like your head is going to come off. So I ordered the medium (barn door) from calsci and while it does fix noise, buffeting, and any kind of bad wind, it is huge. Had to readjust mirrors, which seems to work fine. It does seems like the mount is struggling with the weight and pressure put on it. And it looks like a freaking HD touring shield. Although I am able to look over it at 5’9”. I’m torn. The shorty will get returned. I also ordered the short and medium vstream. Short was no better than stock or the calsci sport. The medium is slightly better than stock for noise, but not enough. It’s a different kind of noise...and for me maybe even more of a buffeting. Here’s my big question. I think calsci is on to something with the cut out vent in the middle of the shield. Has anyone tried cutting a hole of some kind in the stock shield to see if it cuts down on the noise factor? I asked Mark about cutting the stock screen and he said his laser only cuts on a flat sheet. I’m tempted to try cutting one with a dremel, but I’d be guessing on size and location!
  5. Calsci is the way to go. They do it with math and science. Just got the shorty and it is much cleaner air. I'm told the medium will make a pocket around you but I'd rather not be hot so I went with the shorty.
  6. I think you're right. It wants to go but the tracer I test rode was also brand new and seemed more stable and calm at the slow speeds. It will go in soon for the first service and I imagine I'll have them look into too.
  7. 2ND gear. Not lugging. New bike. Not new rider.
  8. No...while trying to just obey a 30mph speed limit and keep it steady. I can keep the speedometer at 30, but it doesn't feel like it's smooth. I can't tell if it's suspension or engine or something else. I get the snatchiness of the throttle and differences of the a, b, and standard.
  9. New 2019 tracer gt...only has 300 miles but I'm a little worried about how it feels at 20-35. I can't tell if it's rpms that aren't smooth or if possibly a wheel is out of balance. Is it just still needing more break in? How do I determine what it could be? Anyone else have it on a new gt?
  10. Hi...brand new 2019 model...one of the last ones around in the country I think. What the heck is this thing? It was in the "tool" bag.
  11. Any of you guys find it odd that the 20's seem to have some matte black and some not so matte? Not that they make them different just that on the same bike some of the parts look more glossy and others they clearly tried to go matte. I think I'd have to change the red parts no matter what.
  12. I’m kind of new here. Have been put off by the copper 2020, and wondered if people have been able to change it. Where can you find the pics of what these people have done? Also, it looks like there is some matte black and gloss black on the 2020. Anyone confirm?
  13. Thanks Kilo, can anyone else weigh in on whether Tracer seat is less angled than the MT? Or am I really destined to have to replace the seat on a new motorcycle to make it rideable.
  14. Hi guys, I probably don’t belong here yet. I’m trying to decide between an MT09 and the Tracer GT. I was able to briefly ride a 2019 MT and felt the forward lean right away. Felt like I had to scootch back as someone else mentioned. I was able to only sit on the Tracer and I thought it didn’t have the same issue. Does anyone have experience on both to be able to compare? Is the MT more forward than Trader? About the same? Etc... btw the reason that I’m torn is bc I feel like the Tracer would still be quite fun and sporty to ride (especially with bags off) but allow for some of those amenities when you want them. Thanks