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  1. The competition is heating up. Should be a good thing for the consumer. I for one don't think I'd drop the kind of money they are going to ask for this without fully adjustable suspension, at least as fully adjustable as the Tracer.
  2. First review is in from the launch. Looks like it is what we expected. Smooth, sporty, comfortable. Just think it could be improved with a center stand, heated grips, adjustable windscreen. But who knows. It looks the part. Now if the competition between Honda, Yam, Kaw, and Suz could actually bring the prices down that would be terrific.
  3. At the one end of the tail, there was an unmarked cop car sitting on the side, but as we rode by it seemed empty. Either it was just a deterrent, or he was doing what we all do every once in a while in the woods.
  4. I have to say the Dragon was fun, but you can find just as good about anywhere in the area and much of it with less traffic.
  5. I think I might be with you but I'll take a blue one
  6. This will be very interesting. I must say I'm intrigued.
  7. So I've had another run in with my local shop. I'll spare your the horror story but they don't understand the difference between 12mm and 40mm even when I explicitly mention what the spec is supposed to be. Here's my more relevant question. Did they possibly even do a poor job with the chain itself? It seems like where they made the connection the link is bound up.
  8. There we go! Cruise is back. It was the sensor. Kind of wish you could just adjust the brake lever without hassling with that, but it's not a huge price to pay for a good cruise control. Thanks everyone!
  9. Needed a proper cleaning anyway and heat index over 100 so needs to come off.
  10. I realize it's far from scientific but the vertical slots at the top corners have taken away the slight buffeting I was getting at the sides of my helmet. Aerodynamics are complicated but very cool. And I did notice the shapes of the other vents were more than holes. But like you I'm working with what I have.
  11. I know you all think I'm crazy for putting vent holes in my puig screen. I'm basing that on zero response good or bad to my previous posts on it. However I think I've improved the performance and have cleaner air. I'll just point out that the versys 1000 is doing it on the stock screen and so is Ducati on the new multi. Because of the shape of the puig I had to make two vertical vents at the top corners. That's what ended up making the most difference for me.
  12. So that didn't do anything. I did adjust the rear brake lever lately. Do I also need to adjust some kind of sensor when I do that? The rear brake light is not on unless I press the brakes.