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  1. All I can say is that it was noticeable for me. I test rode them back to back. Maybe it’s the height of the handle bars, I don’t know, but I felt less weight on my wrists, and much less wedgie on the tracer. Actually I feel no weight on my wrists on the Tracer.
  2. I have a 19 GT and only test rode the MT...but I would never be able to ride more than 100 miles on an MT...just the seating position is not even really comparable. 5’9” 150. Now maybe a different seat could solve that, I don’t know. However there are many other features found on the GT that have been mentioned here already that make it my winner. I’m glad I chose the GT every time I get on it.
  3. I guess you’re right. I was thinking back to how I had ridden pre modification of the slope on mine. I unwittingly had slipped the guide into the high setting while leaving the spacer in the low setting. It worked but then I had to make it work correctly.
  4. so it looks like you have that in the low position. Does it have the forward slope? If not, would it be actually tilted back in the high position?
  5. How near legal speed can one be when this thing will pop to 75 in 2nd gear without too much fuss? Haha.
  6. With a semi short test ride, I feel like I have flattened the seat but I’ve lost the flex that I used to feel when accelerating. It’s probably better in the long run. I’m not stressing the seat, and I can probably get more feedback from the more important areas of the suspension. Might switch back and forth from time to time to see if I truly like the switch.
  7. Looks nice but I think I'd like to see what the blue rim color would look like on the bags
  8. The OEM rubber feet vs new homemade feet
  9. I got to wondering why I didn’t really have seat complaints. (Unless you put the seat in low, then it slants way too much) Caused me to investigate. I had been using the adjustable spacer in the low position but hooking the front stem into the high position as well as high position in the rear. As a result I could feel flex in the seat, and I think the rubber feet on the bottom of the seat were floating. If I weighed more (150) something probably would have broken. So I moved the adjustable spacer to the high position but I replaced the rubber feet that are located in the middle and rear of the seat with homemade rubber feet. (Most forward feet, no change) I sliced them down to about an eighth of an inch and so the middle (round) feet only touch when my weight is on the seat. The rear rectangular feet sit on the bike, but the overall effect is that the back of the seat sits about 4-6 mm lower than before, and my measurements with a level indicate that to be the case. Haven’t been able to test yet, but I’m thinking that I’ve leveled out the seat angle even more than it was before and made it more sturdy. I’ll try to include pics. They aren’t great, but I wanted to see if I could actually see a difference. The picture from the side is with bike on center stand. The pic from above is not on center stand but holding the bike level. First pics are the after...
  10. Exactly, and some of you might remember my fiasco of the “professional” making my chain waaaay too tight. What a joke. I’ll keep it from the shop as much as possible.
  11. Way up in northern Indiana. A mile from Michigan border.
  12. Speaking of fun Kentucky roads...a buddy of mine was supposed to join me next week and backed out. Has anyone ever seen a website for trying to find a companion for a trip? Or a group even? Or just to see if there are rides happening in the area?
  13. All this talk of suspensions got me to tweak mine a bit. I'm only 150 lbs so take that into consideration. And this setup is without bags. Bike has almost 5000 miles. Tire pressure 34 front/rear. Front preload on the 4th line (so 3 lines showing). Front compression 10 out, front rebound 5 out. Rear preload 1, rear rebound 3 out. I thought it was fabulous. I'd love to see if I could tell the difference between some of these aftermarket setups.
  14. Well, I don't think the helmet is the noise. I rode without the helmet. Hit 60mph and it's bad. So it has to be the Puig. I don't know why I didn't notice it when I first tried it out though! I can't believe it wasn't there before and now it is. Anyone else with the Puig shield hear a noise? I'm 5'9" and I can make it go away if I crouch down, but where I want to sit comfortably...it's horrible. If I can't return it to Revzilla, I might be experimenting with some cutting.
  15. Yep. Took it off. I’ve done it before, but just to test the noise again. So I don’t hear the noise. I know it’s a bit more noisy in general with no shield, but I think I can rule out the noise being from the Tracer. I can hear the noise with the stock screen but only when I lean kind of over to the side. Put the puig on and as soon as I get to 60 it’s like the right side of my helmet has a freaking bag pipe in it. I noticed a flaw in the helmet that I think could be the culprit. It’s a new scorpion, and I think you can see in the pics how the rubber seal on the right side is warped. I can straighten it, but as soon as the visor gets opened it goes back to warped. I have to think that the combination of the puig airflow and the bad seal make the noise happen.