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  1. I have owned this Tracer for over 2 years now, have done nothing of great interest to it, other than a protective screen for the radiator. I have been riding for a long while now, and have a small collection of bikes. Having a strong dirt bike background, I find the Tracer very familiar with it's ergonomics and upright riding position. My other road bike is the Yamaha XJR1300, so it's Chalk and Cheese, between both these bikes, but I just love riding any bike. I live in regional NSW and spend most of my days riding in the Snowies or the Vic high country, although this time of year, I will head further West along the Murray River. Here's a pic of my bike, hand guards have been removed since I took this photo, up at Blowering Dam near Tumut.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a 2017 MT09 Tracer and live down under in Australia. I have been riding bikes for over 40+ years now. I have owned my Tracer for over two years now, and have found it an exciting bike to ride. Cheers Dobbo
  3. Thanks mate, I have got those ones, nice and weighty, but the seller sent the wrong size threaded adapters with them, so I am awaiting the correct threaded inserts to be delivered. Also, fitting a back rest rack, or perhaps it's called a sissy bar, which my son is welding up for me, just so I have something to tie my swag to when I get out for a few days, and also, my wife feels a little safer knowing that there is something behind her. I have had the Tracer for a couple of years now, and have about 25k kms on it. Just deciding if my next ride is across to Perth or up to Darwin?, I have a couple of weeks free at the end of August, so i might just head off and just wing it.
  4. Hi all, I have a 2017 Tracer and have just removed the hand guards, as the bars are already threaded I am hoping that I can just screw some bar end weights straight on; However, if that is not possible, how can I remove the stock threaded inserts from within the bar ends?? Thanks Dobbo