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  1. Thanks for that . I feel positively anorexic after reading that! Will grow some and have a crack at it. F
  2. Many thanks Boz Boz for your info, appreciated. Will have a crack at it. Cheers
  3. This sounds great. Have you had problem with the side stand ? Like bent it. I'm a porky and haven't been game to try this. Keen to hear your comments.
  4. whoops! not many Kawasaki tracers out there. obviously meant the sx .
  5. I've just bought a 2019 Tracer 900 GT after my 2016 MT-09 Tracer was stolen earlier this year. The GT has the Yamaha panniers. They fit quickly and easily, but they're a bit small. You can't get a full face helmet in one for starters. I had Givi V35 panniers with the removable frame on my previous bike. (Luckily not on it when it was stolen). I can get a new removable Givi frame for the 2019 bike, but it means I can no longer use the factory panniers. Does anyone know of any larger panniers that use the same mountings as the factory ones? One trick I've heard about is to use FJR 1300 panniers, but are there any other alternatives? Cheers, Tim Tim. I use the same givi panniers plus a 50 litre givi top box and it all works well. panniers are on the same frame. Yamaha panniers will be sold with the bike
  6. Has anyone done a comparison of the tracer gt and the kwacka 1000 tracer? Like what features including little bits. Thanks to all the people that put info on this site, makes good reading.
  7. Yep. Better screen better seat, not angled so much. Option of a lower comfortable seat.