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  1. HiFlo's on many different bikes over the years. I've never had a problem. Good prices, good quality. 'nuff said.
  2. And a little Hendrick's & Tonic toast to Andy on his upcoming new ride and to the rest of you UK chaps. Ride safe. Zman(choaking on the smoke from Calif.)😬
  3. Best wishes on the new scoot. Had a 1050 Tiger a number of years ago. Damn nice triple in that rig. Enjoy your new ride.
  4. After 2000 miles on my Tracer since I picked it up back in early June, I've gotten 55 mpg(+or-) with all types of riding - freeway, twisties, and city streets. I'm not hammering the throttle all the time, but do grab a handful when needed. All in all, I'm as happy as a calf in clover with the fuel consumption.☺️
  5. What issue did you get, Bill? My Sept. issue was still digital when rec'd on Aug. 21. Thanks for the update.
  6. Damn nice camera work, daboo.
  7. X2 on Shaniko, Antelope, Fossil, Spray, Kimberly, etc. No one on those roads during the week. Also lots of nice roads around the John Day area. Map out a run from Shaniko to John Day. It won't disappoint. Dreamers Motel and the Outpost Pizza and Pub(on Main St.) in John Day are good. Or you can camp at the Fairgrounds just down the street. I've attended 3 Chief Joseph rallys in John Day and ridden the area on 2 other occasions. Folks are real friendly up that way. Never had any problems.
  8. I ordered the same one(Universal Black)that Howton and Randy N talked about. Perfect fit. I tweaked the tabs just a tad like Randy N suggested. It was packaged well, a box within a box with a strip of foam to place around the inside of the guard where it contacts the radiator. As previously mentioned, no instructions included.
  9. Great pics, daboo. Noticed some folks still X-country skiing. Anybody still snowmobiling or is the area shut down till Winter arrives?
  10. betoney: Not sure what degree steepness it is coming down from LaPorte to Hwy 70/89. It's all the tight turns you have to contend with. You spend a lot of time on the binders. Going up from the Hwy 70/89 side, you really get to work the gearbox, sometimes even down to first gear depending on what kind of scooter you're on. If you're coming up from Oroville, I like to take the Oro Quincy Hwy(162) that takes you up past Bucks Lake and into Quincy. Or even Hwy 70(Feather River Canyon). It all depends what you enjoy the most. Hell, if a fella doesn't have any time constraints, do the LaPorte road both ways. It's a win-win.
  11. Yessir Maximo, always love doing this loop. I just make sure we go up the Quincy/LaPorte road and not down, as it's a brake burner dropping the summit back towards Hwy 70/89. Once was enough. Next time you do it, stop in Brownsville(just past the Forbestown turnoff) at the Golden Eagle Market for some grub when they reopen. Burned down awhile back and it's being rebuilt. Great sandwiches and a chicken & spuds lunch box that's lights out. We'll scoot over from Reno just to grab some lunch and of course, to enjoy the scoot.πŸ˜€
  12. Yup, had a black beauty '08 1050 Tiger back in 2010. Like I said in my new member intro last month, that triple mill was kickass and so far the Tracer 900 feels just about the same powerwise, but not as smooth as the Triumph.
  13. You got that right. Been enjoying them since 1964 and they never get old -- like me.😊
  14. Picked up a '19 Tracer last week from a gent in the San Francisco Bay area. Only has 1200 miles on the clock. Previous owner added a few goodies - Puig screen, Givi crashbars, Givi tank bag, plus a 4 yr. Yammy extended warranty. Should be a fun scooter. I'm curious to see how this triple compares to the Triumph Tiger 1050 triple that I had 6-7 yrs. ago. That motor was primetime. Will be digging into this forum for tidbits of info. Ride Safe. Z