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  1. You are far too easy to troll , sorry, I'll try to stop it. Not promising, but I'll try.
  2. I value having a face, so no thanks to your flip up's, your open faces etc etc etc I have another full face with more 'slot', and a clear visor with a sun visor inside, but it's for when it is proper winter, not yet. I think that the stupidest looking thing ever is some dude with all the gear on, and the front of his helmet flipped up, you know, like a police motorcyclist, trying desperately to give you a telling off while looking ludicrous. Each to his own mate, you do you. I'll stick with proper full face helmets. I wonder why motogp or motoamerica riders dont wear flip ups?
  3. We've castles round every corner here Not joking, you can hardly move for them! Caeverlock is a wild one though, if you google it you'll see the shape.
  4. After an overnight storm, the sky cleared for a couple of hours this afternoon, so I headed to Caeverlock Castle. Lovely ride out, although I might need to switch to a clear visor soon, it was pitch black and raining hard on the way home. No biggie, visor up and no rain on face with the puig touring screen anyway.
  5. mine goes blank about once a week, and also in 6th gear, so I know if it is blank not to change up.
  6. Yamaha MT-09 SP is a naughtier naked with Öhlins upgrade and more for 2021 | MCN Find out about the 2021 Yamaha MT-09, which adds more capacity, power...
  7. Supermarket plastic bags under my boots. Job done!
  8. Those look great @Dodgy Knees , bit expensive mibbe, but please let us know how good they are, especially if it is raining. Thx
  9. Another awesome afternoon out on the bike. No traffic at all, well, I saw 1 car, 1 bicycle and 2 hikers.