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  1. Something like this? .... https://www.fastbikebits.com/product/3394/yamaha-mt-09-fz-09-seat-cowl
  2. Woohoo, that sounds like a brilliant ride. I know the West of Scotland so well. I am headed up to Largs to see my mum tomorrow, and now you've got me thinking, should I just whack the tent on the back of the bike and carry on up and do a wee run round the Trossachs and up to Pitlochry and over and down again Have a brilliant time, and take lots of photos!
  3. I'd say that sums it up. You could get it checked properly, and it might be just a bent bracket or bars or something. BUT It's going to be at the back of your mind. I'd either offer stupidly low money for it, or find another (but that's just me)
  4. Looks good. You can change the rider pegs to ones with rubber on top, which would help with any vibes through your feet. And a radiator guard would be a good investment.
  5. I still think and talk in lbs, and feet and inches, and gallons , and all 'proper' units of measurement.
  6. We do mph as well here I have no idea about kph. Fastest I've gone on a bike was an indicated 168mph on my old FZR1000 Exup, and I was punching the tank cos it wouldnt go any faster. That was when I realised I was an idiot, and stopped doing stuff like that.
  7. No idea about the fan, I have never used the temperature display. I'm not going to go tearing the bike to bits to find out The only issue I have had is the really slow speed stuff, and from all accounts the boosterplug will deal with that. I'll update when I fit it, hopefully tomorrow if I can see straight to concentrate.
  8. I'm not Down Under, that , to me anyway, would be Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand even. And the bike definitely can do significantly over 114mph (allegedly officer)
  9. Errrm, mine can certainly do more than that (on a private road of course officer!)
  10. Sadly no. I get them once in a while if I sit around too much. All from a whiplash when a car ran into the back of me at around 50mph about 30 years ago. And NO, to my knowledge the ECU has not been flashed. Bearing in mind the bike is a 2015, I can't guarantee it. Is there any simple way I can tell without stripping it down?
  11. Took delivery of this lovely little magical thing. (Came complete with a free neck buff) Sadly, a bad migraine has put paid to me fitting it today as I can barely move for the pain, but soon. Very Soon!
  12. Which is exactly what I was after. Incredibly impressed with the service from the Booster Plug people, ordered yesterday, being delivered on Thursday (free shipping) , USA to Scotland, that is amazing. Hopefully I'll get it fitted over the weekend, (weather here at the moment is vile) and will keep you posted as to what difference I feel from it.