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  1. In my defence, I just thought a brown sheep was strange (and it turned out to be a real conversation starter) Plus, sheep taste nice when cooked well.
  2. That photograph is so refreshing looking , like you just pulled over to have a quick paddle. Must be getting towards summer for you now, right?
  3. Happy new bike. Enjoy every mile, and expect to spend more money on your new bike
  4. Never been to any road race, it would make me go nuts on my bike and crash.
  5. Waiting for a new bike is worse than waiting for Santa when you are young. Cant wait to hear how much you enjoy your first week on it. Your wallet is about to take a pounding
  6. I paid 280 for the big full service 24000 miles, with valve checks and new filters and plugs etc. and a new clutch cable, £199 is surely a ripoff.
  7. Went for a wee ride down to the seaside, as my sister and her hubby were there with their camper van (rv) Lovely warm day, about 55f, perfect dry roads. Just a chilled out ride there on the bike, and then a blast home again, so around 2.5 hours riding. The last photo, if you look in the distance you can see mountains. That is the Isle of Man , home of the craziest motorcycle race on planet earth.
  8. Sounds like a sweet ride out and about. I've not been over that way for a long time. Cheers for the sheep, I will add it to my collection, now I have two
  9. Welcome to the forum. Your new bike looks stunning. And welcome back to two wheels. Enjoy every mile.
  10. Some of those photographs are like works of art, that scenery looks beautiful.
  11. Excellent news. Glad it suits you, there's nothing finer than when you end up on the bike that is right for you.
  12. Welcome aboard, and congrats on your FJ09. They are brilliant fun, eh
  13. Fitted these wee ebay special extra engine guards. Took about 1o minutes start to finish, and hardly noticeable.
  14. Wecome to the forum. Enjoy your new bike, I'm sure you will
  15. It is a lovely track, but for spectators it is hard to beat Mallory Park. Super short wee track, but with amazing views for watching. I mean, at the bottom hairpin into the bus-stop you can just about feel the wind displacement from the bikes as they are so close. Here's a couple more Cadwell photos for you then....
  16. Please keep us informed as to how you get on with the new bike. And Amsterdam is great fun on a motorcycle, I had such a great race around the centre for 15 minutes with a motorcycle courier a couple of years ago.
  17. Don't go spending silly money on one.... Premium Quality Genuine Half Sheepskin - Seat Pad Genuine small sheepskin piece perfect as a seat pad or pet bed, Quality... (Around £25)
  18. Bike by a watermill (Gatehouse of Fleet, the Mill on the Fleet) , and I found a fantastic wee road back to my place from there, properly awesome. And for the next Photo Requirement.... Your bike by a steam train......
  19. Get a wee sheepskin pad, throw it on when you are going more than a few miles. Cheap and super effective. I did 300 miles the other day with zero numb buttox.
  20. Wild. I worked in Hemel Hempstead for years, and lived in Watford, and then Aylesbury. The roads around Aylesbury-Dunstable and the likes are great fun on a bike.
  21. Definitely get a wee sheepskin, they are great. I also use it as a pillow, with a shirt wrapped inside it. You would never notice it was there from a riding position perspective, but the comfort level goes through the roof. (I am not on commission )
  22. I've had that old sheepskin for about 10 years, and it is brilliant for multiple reasons. 1. I had zero numb bum on the entire ride there and back. 2. It is comfy to put on the ground when sitting around camping. 3. It keeps your backside cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Definitely not off of a £450000 sheep, can't remember what I paid for it, it wasn't much.
  23. Here's to your new bike. Enjoy every minute on it, and I hope it is exactly what suits your riding best.