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  1. Ha ha... that's part of the addiction. Now to get rid of my FJR specific farkles.
  2. I hear that northsouth... We shed 163 pounds of pork (curb weight).
  3. I picked up the new bike on Wednesday. Woo Hoo... let the farkles start.
  4. Looking at the diagram in your Amazon link I would say to connect that bus bar lug for the ground terminals ( on the bottom of your diagram where you have the black lead from #85 on the relay connected to) to a chassis ground or run it back to the battery negative. Then reconnect #85 black lead to one of the screws where the other two black leads are. As is you have no return for the loads to ground. Just my humble opinion. I will add that my experience is with a FZ-1 Distribution Block with an internal relay and not an external relay like your diagram. Maybe someone else here can confirm your external relay connections as to solenoid and contacts (#'s 30, 85, 86, & 87).
  5. I am soon to be a 2020 Tracer GT owner as soon as my dealer gets another in stock. I have been riding my FJR1300A since 2014 and it's time for a change.
  6. My first post here... hello guys and girls. That part appears to be part #24 in this diagram called a "mold" https://www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/546a26cef87002164cb2802b/seat