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  1. Me too... with some loctite as MrFritz86 mentioned. And regular nuts, not wingnuts.
  2. The first thing I can think of is about the 2 front wheels and 4 shocks. How does it feel entering and exiting curves of different degrees? It has to be different. More confident with double the contact patch area?
  3. Congrats to you... good luck with it. Sharp looking bike. I like the green.
  4. Probably snake oil... But if you mount them backwards I heard they actually call the deer TO you... 😀 😉
  5. It's a good thing... You just added a tidbit of knowledge to the collective mind of this forum...
  6. For your Niken? It's probably in the owners manual if you have one. If not go here... 2019 Yamaha NIKEN GT – Owner's Manual – 108 Pages – PDF Wow maybe you can't adjust. I didn't see it listed under "Seats" and only specifies 32.9" in the specs.
  7. Nice job knyte... and kudos to keithu for his "point #2".
  8. Your variety of rides was well written. Like reading a good book I could feel your experience..
  9. I know this thread is 4 years old but it's just what I was looking for... Thanks steveb
  10. Today I installed the T-Rex Rad Guard. Well made and spaced about 7/16" from the tender stuff...
  11. Yeah I checked mine. All working but I will keep and eye on this...
  12. Wow 🤯... that's a lot of arithmetic there. So doe's this mean I should or shouldn't have to change the air in my tires at every other oil change? 😉
  13. Well I guess if you weigh that against the energy saved using a Quick Shifter you come out ahead... 😀 😝
  14. Good info... glad you guy's posted above. I received my SYKIK unit last week and and waiting on the steel T valves.
  15. Sound like a great trip Joe... Nice website and great videos. Looking forward to seeing some Tracer GT videos. Ride safe.
  16. And then if the "Set" indicator doesn't light up check to see if your boot is touching the brake...
  17. No I haven't noticed that but I will check it out. I almost always ride alone so no one has said anything. Thank's for posting...
  18. Thank you sirepair... I had missed the post where you referenced using them. I ordered them...
  19. These valve stems were mentioned in another thread on TPMS. I can't find if anyone here actually uses/used them.The description says they replace stem sizes .625 or .453 in automotive or performance applications. My question is does anyone know if they will fit the Japanese Tracer rim? https://www.tpms.ca/t-valves.html
  20. Good idea... I might begin carrying a white pillow case and bungee cord to cover the windscreen.
  21. piotrek... Did you try these T-Valves? How did they work out?