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  1. Being an older rider. I started out with Triumph's from the 60''s, when they were as good (or bad) as anything else out there. My prettiest Triumph had to be this 1973 TR5T.
  2. Yes, sort of in the high country. I moved here from Madison WI after retiring last year. I'm at 5600 feet and it's a 25 minute ride to town (Pocatello) on the twistiest road ever. I hope to spend the rest of my time exploring around here. I also have a DR650 that gets me camping to some out-of-the-way places. My friends are all in the Midwest and they sure get lots of snow up here (we used a plow truck and front-end loader for the 300" we got last winter) and it snowed three times in June, but the view from the house never gets old. Non-Chicago Illinois visitors are always welcome.
  3. And that's why I joined the forum. Thanks, 2/3.
  4. More curious than anything. I heard it was a common thing to do on these bikes, but I wanted to ask in the forum. I know some bike models get more positive results from doing this than other models do. 5mm made a night-and-day difference to a 2002 Honda RC51 I once had. Just got the bike and haven't even set the sag yet, but have been paying attention to how the suspension feels. I stiffened the rear preload a bit. You're right- I need a baseline. I think I'm gonna drop the yokes 5mm, put preload back to stock setting, set the sag and go from there.
  5. Thank you. I'll start with 5mm to see how it feels.
  6. Howdy- Just bought a 2020 Tracer GT here in SE Idaho and am ready for the 600 mile oil change. Decided to change a few things after 600 miles of riding and from reading this forum, so ordered a Madstad screen and Seat Concepts seat kit and installed a fender extender, radiator guard and bar risers. I got the risers from MotoPumps and in the instructions he discusses allowing for cable slack and says it's common to drop the forks 10mm on these bikes and that it improves turn-in. Anyone here done that on their Tracer? I've done it with some of my other road bikes with positive results.