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  1. State Farm: Arkansas. Clean driving record (knocks on wood). Comp $50 ded Collision $250 ded Total annual $648 * Expecting a premium increase next billing period. Filed a claim for new front wheel replacement recently, which is covered under "collision".
  2. Might not be of help for you, but what's the weather been like up there lately?.... Same happened to the Garmin in my truck (parked outdoors) during a bout of unusually cold weather this winter. Did the same thing the previous winter, too. Thought I had a bad power cable, or that the unit was failing somehow. Took me a while to realize it was the extreme cold causing the issue. Once warmed up, no problem. Even though my bike lives in the garage (unheated), and is always on a battery tender, I noticed a similar issue with its Garmin when outside temps reached ~ 10F or less. Brought the Garmin inside to warm up for a couple hours, tried it again...no issue. My takeaway is these Garmins don't like extreme weather conditions. The one on my bike shut down a couple times on super hot days while stopping for gas. Presumably, rising engine heat while stopped was enough to send the unit into thermal overload shutdown? Good luck.
  3. Today I picked up my GT from the dealer...YAY! Trailered the bike to the dealer on Friday afternoon, got the "all done" call this morning. Pretty quick turnaround considering there must have been 30 bikes there for various servicing. First ride since Dec 8, when I hit a rock and bent a rim. Got a new front rim (from Japan, took 2+ months to arrive), two wheel bearings (mandatory according to dealer), a fresh pair of Roadsmart III's with metal valve stems. Had the entire front end checked out for good measure (all okay). And had the front brake light switch replaced, as well. What a perfect day, too!....74F and sunny, not much wind. Shakedown cruise ~ 80mi, think I got the tires scuffed enough. Back on the road again, finally! 😀
  4. Who is that person in the background, and why is he dancing a jig in the middle of the road? 😉
  5. If you can't solve it yourself soon, I'd take it to the dealer while it's still under warranty. Maybe put the stock lever back on first so they can't blame it on that. Stay on them, make a tech ride it until he acknowledges an issue. It can't cost too much to have a tech ride it, he should know right away if anything is actually wrong. They may not even charge you for a quick test ride.
  6. I'm the opposite, I won't ride without hand guards ever since I got them on my '99 R1100. The STOCK brush guards on the Tracers are pointless. Barkbusters for my Tracer. Had them on my FJR, too. Keeps the rain and cold off my hands, enhances heated grip effectiveness. Cold wet hands suck. That's just me, others enjoy that sorta thing. 😉 Hmm...can't seem to edit out this wrong pic. Oh well...
  7. What percentage of said chips are manufactured in China? And how bad do they want to punish their adversaries?
  8. Glad you sussed it out finally. I guess we can conclude that maybe Yamaha used some bearings without sufficient grease. I think I read about some FJR's with insufficient grease on the rear axle, from the factory. Takeaway: If/when the time comes for new wheel bearings, maybe open them up to check grease content before installing?
  9. Thanks for posting this. Great 2 hr watch. Adding a trip there to my bucket list! Actually, might do it this year. It's a 9 hr drive each way for me, ~ 80 gallons gas (truck), plus 3 nites motel stay which allows me 2 full days at the museum. Or....I fly to Birmingham early AM, rent a car, two days at the museum and only 2 nites motel stay, fly home late evening. Hmm....(wheels turning). Is two days enough to soak it all in? Do I wanna be there during weekdays or on a weekend? Special events? I'm having fun just thinking about it. Cheers. Edit: Should mention that admission to the Barber Museum is $15 @ day. If that's not a bargain I don't know what is.
  10. Got my recall letter yesterday. It also mentions a safety recall for 2016-2020 FJR13's. Apparently there is an issue with the tranny's second gear.
  11. I guess I can expect my letter soon, too (AR). That's fine, I'm still waiting for a new front rim from Japan anyway. Will have both items installed same day. Plus a fresh pair of shoes, just in time for the nice weather!
  12. EBC Double H. Fronts only (might do the rear next).
  13. Upgrade to premium brake pads. Turned the stock brakes on my '20 GT from "barely adequate" to "very good".
  14. The system (any system) is only as good as its weakest link. In my case, it was obviously the pads. I think Yamaha cheap'd out on the pads for cost reasons. Or...maybe there was a batch of poor pads that left the factory on a number of Tracers. There is nothing wrong with the other brake components, as evidenced by the good performance ala the pad upgrade. By contrast, my '19 FJR had excellent braking performance, especially for a fairly heavy bike. Color me impressed. That said, the FJR sells for $5000 more than the Tracer, so premium brake components were to be expected. There is no reason the Tracer shouldn't be able to stop as well. Given how aggressively these bikes can be ridden, just "adequate" brakes doesn't cut it for me. Pads replaced at ~800 miles. Now the bike stops like it should. Best $75 I've spent. Staying on topic, my rear brake is kinda lame too. I've only changed out the front pads so far, but will be doing the rear soon.