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  1. I got pictures of mine. Was exactly the same for all 3. No adjustment needed.
  2. I did the fill the bars with bbs and lead fishing weights. Helped some. I also tried hang guards off and some large KLR650 bar end weights. Not a lot of difference. it is a buzzy bike but so fun to ride.
  3. I’m totally going to order one and will report how it works. I’m 6’1 but have a tall torso so will be going with the 26” screen. Their website also has measurement instructions so will double check there. thanks for the tips everyone!!
  4. Still reading and working on items for the bike. Right now am focusing on windshield options and vibrations. Thinking of the Yamaha touring screen (I’m 6’1, with short legs). Worried about catching side wind too much with anything bigger? First service is Friday. Hoping throttle body sync helps vibes. Ordered grip puppies and R&G bar ends as well.
  5. 100% lifted the bike off the ground to get an initial measurement. Just did a 2 hour ride and hit a mega storm. Bike did fine. Soon I will start clicking away to dial in a better feel. Will look at better springs next year. I bought this bike and kept my KLR, so I’m tapped out. Plus a more pressing issue is working to get rid of some of the bad vibrations (hoping 1000km service and throttle body sync will help). Also seriously considering anti vibe bar risers.
  6. Looking at the 2” elite ones of these. BUT I’m worried about cable lengths. Did / Do you have any cable length issues?
  7. This it totally the thing for me. The bike, driven with my ability (I am NOT a pro by miles, total rookie), feels epic. It felt epic when I rode it with the factory settings. Last night I turned the pre-load up on the rear to the max. I had help and measured, trying to hit 40mm of sag when I sat on the bike. Got close, at 37mm. I then turned up the forks to 5mm, not the max at 4mm. For the rebound and dampening................. I set it to stock (7 clicks), for all settings. I assume I will have to ride around changing settings a lot to find what feels nice for me.......... although the bike feels great. I feel the bike handles better with the higher pre-load, and I understand why it is set there for my weight. I am nervous about changing the other settings as I would like a plush ride, but do not want to leave the bike at a compromised setting if I hit a large bump or other varying road surfaces (as there is LOTS of that were I live). I am more about rider safety than comfort, as I seem to have an excess of comfort on this bike. CheerS!
  8. I'm excited to try and dial in the suspension, and/or get new springs.......... as the bike itself is already light years ahead of what I am used to, and rides epic already. I'm almost scared to mess with it.
  9. Thanks for the tips everyone! I never thought of radiator guard. My KLR (KLR branded) rear bag actually attaches with ease where the passenger would be, so I can stick with that if I can ever get an overnight trip in. lol. Should be enough space, when you add in the cases that come with the bike. So far my wish list would be: 1. Radiator Guard 2. SW Tech Crash Bars (anyone running these and have an opinion?) 3. SW Tech Skid Plate 4. Windscreen upgrade (still worried about effecting the tracking of the bike, as #1 for me is stability, I have a boss helmut and can live with the wind........... might even use my airpod pros to cancel out the wind noise).
  10. Thanks for that Basket, I suspected I would be close to the max, as I am on my KLR650. I will not ride with any passengers, so at least I have that going for me. So 40mm of sag, is what I should be looking for on this bike for the rear?
  11. Got a 2020 GT for $14K CAD ($10,400ish USD) + the document fees and regular stuff. They only had one at the dealer, as I guess it is getting really hard to buy stuff like this with the COVID going on. It was a brand new unit, and the only miles it had on it, were the ones I put on when they let me test drive it (I don't buy anything without trying it first, and I wanted to make sure this bike solved my windy day riding issues, that I had with my KLR). Needless to say, I LOVE the bike (totally solved my riding in comfort on windy on the highway issues), and after the 60km test drive, the price was less of a factor than actually being able to get a bike!
  12. That is a lot of fabrication work! Great job, and thanks for sharing your ideas and such. I have one question however....... how do you find riding the bike in the wind with all the gear on it? I bought my Tracer with the #1 reason being tracking straight on the windy days? I would love to jack my ride up one day to haul that amount of gear, but worry about how it would handle. I also have a KLR650 and just could not handle riding on windy days above 80km/hr (so the KLR is now my backroad / gravel road adventure bike, and will not see much highway use). I specifically got the Tracer to be able to highway ride with a lot less stress in the wind. CheerS!
  13. Hey there everyone! 2020 Tracer GT I am wondering what the 220lb range, riders have adjusted their bikes suspension to. I just got the bike on the weekend and have not dived into the manual yet / nor messed around with whatever the dealer set for the demo (don't even have the manual yet, as I am still riding the demo plates until the dealer opens up on Tuesday). I know for sure from messing around on my KLR650 that I am going to want to customize the bike's suspension for me, and a lot depends on rider weight, and riding preferences. I am highway only, after stability as #1 (especially tracking in the wind), and will not be carrying a passenger or any cargo. Appreciate your thoughts. CheerS!
  14. Hello everyone. I am looking for recommended accessories that do not alter the performance of the bike. I am thinking SW Tech crash bars (looking for protection if I dump the bike, or it blows over........... would also be nice if they protected my leg a bit in a crash), and maybe their Skid Plate. I am on the fence for a windscreen. I am nervous of altering how the bike rides, as I love the handling, and the main reason I got the bike is how well it tracks on windy days. Thanks ahead of time for the advice.
  15. New 2020 Tracer 900GT rider. I am new to motorcycling, (got my first bike, and license last year). Never thought I would be able to do it, as I have muscular dystrophy, but I pushed through and it was so worth it............. riding is unreal. Was checking out highway bikes (Cruisers and such) last weekend, as I was not getting used to the wind buffeting (from side winds, and such.... I don't care about the wind from riding fast) on my KLR650 (over 80km was sketchy). I ended up test driving a Tracer 900 GT. Was an unreal experience. I put on 60km in the test ride, and bought the bike upon return to the dealer. Still keeping the KLR as I have a LOT of secondary highways, and gravel back roads, just out my door, and the KLR is great for that. The Tracer is such a fun bike to ride, I especially love the engine, and the modern tech features. I am glad I learnt to ride on a KLR however, as if I learnt on this bike, I would not be as good at riding bikes (I'm not an expert by any stretch, still a rookie!). The Tracer is so easy to ride, and confident in the wind, etc, on the highway. Just love this bike. Anyway, hello from a new rider!