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  1. Others have said that the stock pads on the 2019 Tracer 900 were not that great. I agreed and just bought the HH pads and installed them. $70 for the front pair. Grab is excellent now. I also got a left over new 2019 for $7600. Fantastic bike. You won't regret it.
  2. I just bought a left over new 2019 Tracer 900 and love it. I'm a bit new to motorcycles but here is what I got right away: 1) Radiator Guard (Everything kicks up into the radiator from the front tire. Coolant leak waiting to happen) 2) Carbtune to sync the throttle bodies (much less vibration on highway now). Received in 10 days from England! 3) $8.00 FJR foot pegs so that my feet don't go numb! 4) Yamaha OEM quick shifter (not a must have until you have it!) 5) Airhawk seat cushion. Makes a world of difference. 6) Still waiting on the Steering Stem Nut socket from England to do the torque sequence on the Steering Stem. I have 1500 miles on it so far. It's a dream bike for sure. Going to be adjusting the suspension tomorrow for a smoother ride. And of course I changed the oil and filter @ 600 miles. Honestly I don't believe that the dealerships do anything more than this @ 600 miles. There is no way that in about 1 hour they sync throttle bodies, torque the steering stem nut, adjust the chain and make sure that all other nuts and bolts are torqued. Watch you tube videos and do it all yourself.