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  1. @Sqbydoo The nut that you are showing in your picture is to tighten the mirror so that the whole assembly does not move forward and backward. That nut is accessed by a 10mm socket (as I recall) but you have to grind down the outside of the socket because the outer diameter has to be thin enough to fit down inside that area. But as shown by MrFritz86 the base of the mirror is what needs to be removed so that the hand guard can be removed. Please keep in mind that the base of the mirror on the right side has reverse threading as marked by the horizontal notches. You will have to 'tighten' to 'loosen'. Word of advice: When you reinstall the long allen wrench bolt into the end of the handle bars that holds on the hand guard, use some BLUE loctite on the end of the bolt before installation to keep it from loosening up due to vibration. That was my experience.
  2. I have a 2019 Tracer and bought the Power Vision 3 from Dynojet. I flashed the tune file provided by Dynojet to my ECU and the bike runs so much better. The reason I am bringing this up is because if I wanted to, I am able to modify the maps for Mode A, STD and Mode B under the Drive By Wire section of the Dynojet software. It is possible that the previous owner had done this and if they made Mode B the fastest (which is counter intuitive) then who knows what other settings they messed with. You can damage the engine by messing around with these settings without the proper knowledge. Sounds like you made the right decision to not buy this bike.
  3. I'm not sure why so many are 'pumpkin' haters. Lol. I installed the BlasterX with the two Y connectors so that the pumpkins work in conjunction with the BlasterX. In my opinion, the more information and lighting I can give to the driver behind me the better. Also with such a small surface area on the combo brake/blinker sometimes it's difficult to tell if it's a blinker flashing and even which one it is, right or left and that's from a fellow motorcyclist. Just my opinion. Nice looking bike though!
  4. As I recall they were pretty close to being the same length. Sorry I can't give you a definite answer on that one. Very very nice levers though.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I live in a large apartment complex and my garage is a good distance from my apartment. No access to the sun and of course an extension cord is out. Does anyone see a reason why a rechargeable jumper/charger hooked to the battery once a week to give it a full charge wouldn't work? I know lead acid batteries like to be fully charged at all times but being charged weekly with consistent rides in between seems to me not so bad a thing. Maybe I have to replace the battery a little sooner than normal but to have the bike ready to ride at all times would be a good trade off in my opinion. Seems to be a topic that a lot of people are interested in. Solar power trickle and extension cord trickle are fantastic options if available. Thanks everyone. As always I appreciate and respect your opinions!
  6. Well here is an idea that might work. Using the portable 'jump starters' that also charge to go out to the garage once a week and fully charge the bike's battery. Then run the bike for a little bit to keep the gasoline from sitting in the lines too long even though I use STA-BIL in the tank. Maybe this is the best option. Let's see who chimes in.
  7. Hey everyone. So I've been looking around the internet and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Hopefully someone can help. I keep my bike in a garage that does not have electricity. My solution has been to remove the battery during the winter and keep it on a trickle charger in my apartment. I miss many riding days though because once I take it out I don't feel like putting it back in. So I'm looking for a device that I can plug into the wall at home, give it a good charge and connect it to my bike for a couple of weeks to trickle charge it in the winter so that the bike is always ready to go. I can grab the charger and plug it in every week or two weeks at home and then reconnect but my bike battery will always be charged. I see portable rechargeable jump starters but nothing that has trickle charge. Please let me know if you have my same situation and what your solution has been. Thank you!!
  8. You wrap a string around the rear wheel and extend the string on both sides to the front of the bike with no obstructions. You measure the width of the rear wheel and use jack stands as posts or something similar and measure the same width between the distance of the strings in the front to match the width of the rear wheel. So you are basically getting a good visual aid of the projected alignment of the rear wheel to the front of the bike. Then measure the distance of the strings to the front tire on each side and adjust the alignment of the rear wheel accordingly. If the projected alignment (the strings) of the rear wheel leaves equal distance on each side of the front tire then you know the rear tire is aligned with the front tire. Hope that makes sense and I know this because I did it myself with perfect results. Many other tools and methods but this one is free!
  9. Very nice looking levers! So in my opinion when I added the Evotech levers they transformed the bike. How much difference are you noticing with these adjustable levers? Just curious.
  10. Check back on this website everyday. I remember the first time I checked they were out of stock and then suddenly they were replenished. They really are good levers as others have said as well. Hope you can get a pair soon.
  11. I know this is an old thread but I am recently troubled by the same issue. I want traction control to be off at startup. I do have the powervision 3 ECU flasher but there is no option to modify startup conditions of the traction control. Just wondering if anyone who has had their ECU flashed by sending it out to one of the pro tuners has had the option of traction control off at start up. Thanks!
  12. I ordered these from Evotech from the UK. The clutch grabs normally now from a stand still and the brake adjustment is perfect. I feel it transformed the bike. I didn't really want the folding ones but I think that's all that have in full size unless you want the shorties. If you do order these, use UPS. USPS has been having issues in customs lately with the virus. EP Yamaha Tracer 900 ABS Folding Clutch and Brake Lever set 2015+ Evotech Performance levers are CNC from billet...
  13. Don't feel bad bro. I did exactly the same thing. Cheap metal designed to do that in my opinion. Yes I had to buy the whole mirror assembly. Not too expensive. It happens. I will say it's refreshing to be able to see the other things people have done. Sometimes you think you are the only one who has had a tip over or did this or that. Looks to me like pretty much anything you can imagine has happened. This forum is great because you can get some moral support that you aren't the only one but also the solution to whatever issue you are having. I appreciate you guys! One of the reasons I like my bike so much now.
  14. So I am now a believer of the seat mod. I added about 4.5 mm of washers under the tank and under the plastic seat brace. Like everyone says, you don't think it would make a big difference but it really does. I like my seat in the low position and it feels so much more level. Two small issues: #1 it does leave a small gap between the seat and the tank. #2 It does take a little bit of effort to slide the seat into position but nothing too drastic. You guys are clever little buggers! Also bought the power vision 3 and flashed the ECU with the tune provided by Dynojet. Smoothed out mode A considerably among other things. I am going to capture some logs with the unit attached and look at it with the tuning software on my PC. Where do you suppose I can get a course or detailed info about how to properly adjust the settings to get the most out of the bike? Seems to be snippets here and there but nothing comprehensive. Thank you.