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  1. Thanks for the comments. I am only looking for a very small bag, one to four litres, that I can just grab by a handle and take with me into a cafe or shop etc. I have been looking at an Oxford M2R 2 litre magnetic mini bag. All other stuff I would use the fitted panniers
  2. I have not got my new Tracer yet, should be by the end of the week. I was just about to get a magnetic tank bag and suddenly had the thought, is the tank metal so magnets would attach? If yes are there any problems in attaching a tank bag
  3. Thanks for the replies and advice. If you do your own 600 miles service does it invalidate warranty. If not how will a prospective future buyer of your bike might possibly be turned off because it does not have an official Yamaha dealer stamp in the service book.
  4. What is the typical cost for the first 600 mile service. My local dealer has told me £199 or £149 if I had bought the new bike from them I am in the UK
  5. Thanks to you all for your replies. I appreciate the friendliness of the views and thoughts being offered, it certainly seems a friendly forum. Will get my new bike on 12th October, can't wait ! Now busy looking to add some additions, Heed crash bars, rad guard, axle protectors
  6. Hello. After 17 years the itch to get a bike again has finally got a hold !! My last bike was a Honda CBR600FX sports bike but this this time I wanted a more 'tour' bike and relaxing position on the bike. Test rode a Tracer and the new BMW F900XR, I did not like the vibes of the parallel twin and the gearbox was terrible. I rode the tracer second and my mind was immediately made up, loved the smoothness of the triple and a more comfortable seat. So have just done a deal for the bike in the picture which I get delivered next month. Brand new and a 2020 70 plate My mate who reignited my desire for another bike has just got a new BMW S1000XR, not sure I will be able to keep up with him. !! I am from Stamford UK Malcolm
  7. Thanks for the replies. I'm in the UK. The dealer in question is a Yamaha dealer. I am have a test ride at a different Yamaha dealer tomorrow , I will quiz their workshop to see what the score is.
  8. I am currently looking to get a nearly new Tracer GT which is 3 months old. When ever I see adverts for S/H tracers most mention they have one red key and two black ones, this also ties in with the handbook. This bike I am thinking of only has two black keys, the dealer says its correct and that Yamaha have changed and that new bikes only come with two black keys now. Can anyione who has recently taken delivery of a new Tracer confirm this? I do not want to buy the bike only to find out in the future that I need the red key for re-registering a black only to find they are unobtainable