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  1. Wow your very lucky! Good info on what can happen if on center stand .You must have been barely in the fill hole and not paying full attention. Whoops! MIke.
  2. A lot of motorcycles do this ! Sometimes you can hold the clutch in for a bit before engaging first and sometimes it will go in a lot smoother. I found the best way to eliminate this is to leave it in first on startup. mount up, kick up the side stand pull in the clutch and your ready to go . No drama and no noise. Works for me and its like automatic for me now.
  3. That's fine but slow with the funnel and hose.
  4. Wow, and think your bike had already been ridden several times without whomever not even giving it a thought ! My pickup at the dealer was to my surprise the bike still had zero miles and had not even been giving a shake down ride! Needless to say I really give it a good look over.and a short ride to the nearest gas fill up to scope out even more . Lucky all was good. I just have a hard time trusting anyone working on my Stuff and as long as I'm able and have the knowhow I do my own work. Congrats on your ride and enjoy ! MIKE
  5. I'm so lucky to be able to fill up with non ethanol premium fuel at my local station.I have had zero problems and my bikes have always run great. Ethanol draws moisture , so is something to stay away from here in Ohio.
  6. Got it but like you said ,got to mount it correctly!
  7. Looks the same more like it on the price too !
  8. That's it , wow price went up ,but worth it with the pain it is to put oil in the beast. Good find ! MIKE
  9. I agree with increasing the rear preload to put more weight on the front . At that speed the front is going to get light ,I think and may be some of the cause .Curious to see what you find out ! MIKE
  10. Fond this little jewel on Amazon. Makes putting in oil supper easy .It locks right into the hole and you can pour without even holding it. Didn't even spill a drop! Sure you can put a hose on a funnel but it slows the flow way down and you got to hold it while pouring in . MIKE
  11. What year ? On the 2020 GT handguards only attached to the mirror mount and bar end. Never seen any that would use the clutch pivot as a mount ! That would be unsafe! MIKE
  12. OH I agree Honda makes excellent bikes ,I have owned many of them over the last 50 years. As far as the Africa twin ,just doesn't do it for me . MIKE
  13. Well My brother in law and I rode 100 mile today followed the RT6 along the south of Lake. Erie. A little breezy but otherwise perfect weather. Just turned over 2500 miles on my 2020 GT 900 , going to give it an oil change tomorrow. Hasn't given me one little problem. All good! MIKE
  14. Agree, seems like sometimes they just don't get it. I was a Honda owner my whole life and when looking at the new models and the only one I was interested in was the NX 750 and came darn close to getting one but spied the Tracer 900 GT. and I was hooked . Double the HP and all the Options got me on board with Yamaha. Honda lost a lifetime owner because their models just lost me MIKE