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  1. Good advice on the thread lock ,. checked mine today and one was loose. Now they are in with blue Loctite. ! Thanks, MIKE
  2. Wow that's a lot more than most ,unless its made in the USA. Otherwise they jacked the price way up !
  3. Wow that looks crappy. I guessing there has got to be more damage to the other aluminum or metal parts. MIKE
  4. Wow looks pretty bad ! Do you ride any off road or very dusty conditions? Looks some I changed back in my dirt bike days! MIKE
  5. Cant agree with you more , This bike was My retirement reward for myself . It brings back the fun in riding and that motor is a true beast. Feels like an on road dirt bike to me with the light weight and quickness but with enough civility to make it an all around great bike ! MIKE 2020 tracer 900 GT
  6. Ordered off EBAY from avdb-moto (9.677) the Black with the gold adjusters. Still waiting for them , so cant give a report on them! MIKE
  7. Congrats ,I went from an ST 1300 Honda ,so I'm, moving around over 200lbs less now and loving it also. MIKE
  8. Here's my take on the subject. With over 4 decades of riding bikes most with cable clutches a few with hydraulic clutches ,I prefer the cable actuation better. Much better control over the engagement . I myself like a close reach to the levers so I normally put adjustable levers on all my bikes I have owned. I have noticed the tracer has a very short engagement that is by design I believe. Doesn't require much movement to disengage and with very light lever pull. One of the first things I ordered was new adjustable levers to move them closer to the bars for easier reach and not effect the actual engagement at all . Just my preference in riding comfort and ease of use .Still waiting on the levers coming from France actually. MIKE
  9. Found this nice add on kickstand pad . Took a chance and ordered from Ebay. Of course its made in China , but I was pleasantly pleased with the quality and the fit , Its nicely machined and fit perfect . Takes a little of the lean out of a little bit short stand and gives a larger footprint , so no worries of sinking in anywhere. The price was around $ 13.00 and free ship. I MIKE
  10. Put the Pyramid front fender Extender on the other day. Looks great and should help keep off some of the crud . Got a rear one coming from Pyramid in the UK. It was actually cheaper than price on EBAY! MIKE .
  11. Darn that sucks. Hope for quick healing ! MIKE 2020 tracer 900 GT 04 Pontiac GTO
  12. Yes the heads of the bolts and nut thickness will always vary a little ,so using the feeler gauges don't mean much. Now the threads of the bolts are another thing , they are a specific thread per inch, so if you are careful when loosening and adjust by turning equal flats on the bolts and careful not to turn when locking down ,your going to be close. Of course using a line up tool to double check as has been mentioned would be a bonus ! MIKE
  13. Don't forget the Trans it stacked on top ,so the noise is more noticeable. Plus you got the chain and a Motor right out in the open with cam chain right on the end of the beast ,along with alternator and clutch on opposite side . MIKE
  14. I have read were they loose cranking power when cold. I like the new Gel batteries myself . Like oil ,to each his own ! MIKE
  15. After putting on my guard I noticed how close the horn location was to the radiator at full lock to the left. It doesn't hit but to my eye I loosened and rotated the horn facing forward .Not only does it move it away and clear every thing better ,it even tucks it up under a little out of sight and it looks better also. Just my 2 cents. MIKE