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  1. Great Timing on Handlebar question. without seeing the bike yet and pic above, why does the manual state able to adjust 1 of 2 position only.... handle bar are round, hence why limit to just 1 of 2 which one can rotate as much as possible (that been said does not hinder the tank). For those that have meddle/change handlebar, can i confirm its 22nm torque for the 4 screws that hold the handlebar. much appreciate.
  2. StealthAu, thanks, my brain trying to catch up....can take a look at the pic if what u describe in pic is as such. Lift the front wheel off the ground and measure 137mm down from the fork seal. Mark the fork tube here with a sharpie so you have a visual representation of where bottom out is. Chuck a zip tie on that fork leg so you have a visual representation of how much fork travel you are using. Set your sag, front and rear. Around 40mm (+/-5mm) is good. Keep it consistent front to rear. If you can't get it in this range, you need to look at new springs immediately. Not after the new exhaust or whatever else. - AHEM....the ZIP TIE around 40mm from the fork seal or 40mm from sharpie.
  3. Here comes 50/50 IQ question. If/Should I find out after setting to rain (bike should be in next week), the bike is still surging ahead when little throttle is use instead of smooth acceleration, changing the front sprocket errr....smaller 1 cog or larger 1 cog to get the smooth acceleration, which in turn lower the torque feel. Any Tracer user managed to increase/decrease the front sprocket for smoother ride and how was it. As bike not here yet, am unable to feel the ori, but that was my plan, should the sudden surge on current setting is not to my liking.
  4. Thanks Winterdark, now looking at GIVI pic, it does not really look bulky in my eyes! i personally saw 2 tracer installed the bar and it looks bulky, likely its a local made or from China = bulkyness. Shucks...should have posed these questions earlier and not rushing to order the R&G which could be better spend on the front and rear fork protector and for engine = GIVI. My Bad.
  5. Sorry for my ignorant, more or less i know sag/preload, in layman term, what is the reference point for our Tracer/GT if i put a zip tie up the fork seal and ride around here and there. if there are no mm/cm/inch, should it not exceed half from fork seal or quarter from fork seal or..... i doubt my weight of 63kgs will not see the bottom out the zip tie but a reference on the distant would be a good start for me. My past Harley and Triump do not have these adjustment on the front.
  6. Despite all the youtube , i still get confused with my low IQ except rebound which i fully understand. Since this is a Tracer Forum, at least it refer to our bike than others. in Dave Moss youtube (the free section), for front, tie a rod(tie rod), ride around, brake around, distant must not exceed 40mm? Rear - double stand = measure, sit in with both legs/gear = measure, for Tracer what is the difference MM/CM/Inch should i begin with and fine tune from there.
  7. here is mine, before i trade in for Tracer. Intend to keep till kingdom come, but arrogant cartel sole importer/distributor in my country force me to dispose of it. My wife is happy though, now during the weekend i do not need to sit with my triumph hours polishing the blink blink as the Tracer has nothing chrome to polish ! and can start doing house hold chores 🙃
  8. Here come looking for engine slider, dun want the bar type as most often it cause more damage with the metal bend during impac and bulky as seen a few tracer. not much choice or maybe did not look deep enuf. Found r&g which so far lead me back to them. There is a brand OES and feel the price is reasonable for 4 but due to COVID , they don’t ship international. Puig r12, sw mototech is what I came across, anyone using other than these brand or how is R&G cp0345 and cp0355. I had r&g on my triumph previously.
  9. I actually do my oil change and filter on my past Harley and triumph as I dictate my own oil brand, not sure how it works in other countries, every service would need them to endorse On the service booklet, should any engine/gear issue if i diy , they have the right to reject my claims. Even our cars here go thru such program.
  10. when my bike arrives, i have to live with YAMALUBE for 2 years during the warranty period ! likely will stop visiting them after 1 year if there are no engine issue which in my search on the web, these engine are durable. prefer to DIY myself and get back either Maxima Triple Esther or Mobil 1
  11. Learning here... first time heard about X Grip, never occured to me it might mess up with left and ride button, which was in my shopping list when my tracer arrives. Guess will stick to my USD3 handphone cover, at least its somehow water resistant.
  12. Hi All, newbie here. while waiting for my new bike, been reading the manual, it says after 1,000km, need to bring in to change oil and filter. so off looking for official service center and found one near my house and its local Yamaha flagship dealer. so called them and ask how much to change oil and filter. the lady whom pick up the phone says will call back. when she call back, she quote mineral and semi. so when i told her i wanted fully synthetic, she pass the phone to a guy and the guy ask me what bike and i told him, TRACER GT.... that guy pause and than Mmmm.... and answer me, is it a Honda ! Immediately i close the phone. and to top it off, in Yamaha official site, the mobile number clearly state the number, even though i know they also sells Kawa, Honda, so at least would expect a so-called Yamaha flagship stores would know what is a Tracer GT..... ok...time to look for others.
  13. Thank You BBB, betoney..... Look forward to absorbing more input about these bike. Was not expecting to go off-road, many of the GS riders here bought for "show off" on the road and hardly any rider goes off road. i bought it for upright riding mainly on tarmac as 50 years old dinosaur cant afford to lean on sports bike. Hope to clock more miles in it as my past 2 bikes are weekend ride for breakfast (20-50km), secondly Harley,Triumph, Ducati parts (premium is what here consider) are more expensive over here than Japs bike. Before these, were 90% closing in on Honda CB1100RS and Kawa Z900RS, my worry based on my country bikes infrastructure: 1. Honda CB1100RS - official importer last bring in 2019 and 2020 is not going to bring in new bikes anymore. 2. Kawa 900Rs - only 2018/2019, not taking in 2020 bikes AND these are based on my web reading, Kawa 900Rs even brand new or less than 10k mileage are having problem with engine/gearbox etc etc, so am not taking any chances since i will have only 1 bike in da haus. The market here lean more towards sports bike and adventure bike, classic modern bike are not well accepted here, likely due to same price = lesser HP/Torque. I will be drooling for choices if i resides in US, UK, Eur and down under.
  14. Greetings from country Malaysia. Placed my order yesterday, should get the bike sometime next weekend. a little bit about me, Half a century old dinosaur. after 19years old, left my scooter and got back to biking only 3 years ago, started w Harley Street 750, after 2 years, got a used 2012 Triumph Bonneville and decided to get a brand new bike, Tracer GT, supposedly to keep these bikes long term, hopefully! Why Tracer? Never had an adventure bike and guess it’s a DO ALL road, except hardcore scrambler road. In here, have narrow down to 650 vstrom, bmw f850gs. 650 am afraid my andrenalin will get bored as triumph hp is almost the same. F850gs here in our country is about usd2,500 more(fully imported) over tracer (local assemble) , not to mention the service would be usd50-100 more for the bmw. We don’t have the Honda nc700x available else it could be a potential bike. Even Tracer 700 is not available here, hence choice of bikes options are somehow limited. i have not seen in person the 2020 tracer except pictures. have not even tested the GT, only did test a 2016 model. What I read from review which could be my concerned is it’s very twitchy Throttle as compare to f850gs or vstrom, will know when the bikes arrives and hope can adjust my riding to her. I look forward In these forum to absorb the do’s and don’t’s, first thing in my limited budget is R&G crash protectors. stay safe, ride safe.