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  1. Congrats on your new ride, 17 years missing is not too late.... i was absence in riding double your years....
  2. My Denali soundbomb mini arrived, but the position between pic and diagram is different, either am getting a fake one or... diagram just showing as such, can’t find positive and negative on the horn, anyone installed these before, help much appreciate.
  3. Welcome to the Forum.... indeed its a goto almost anywhere bike.
  4. Installed r&g front fender, using double sided tape, is it sooooo close to tires! I can’t imagine if to insert the screw provided, it’s definitely gonna rub against the tires. appreciate any tricks to ensure it give more room to insert the side screw
  5. Many of these moves can be achieved with proper set up of the pavement/road. With sand, pebbles, stones chip patches, it’s close to impossible to hit that low in my opinion.
  6. Might want to check YouTube care for matte finish. I used meguiars xpress synthetics after wash. Wrote to meguiars and per their replied, it’s safe to used on matte finishes.
  7. Here is a clearer pictures as that day was taken during night, after installation. yet to try it out, tmw weekend will go for ride and have my wife to tag along and get feedback. basically can get any of backseat aftermarket, as long as the holes fit. asto mine, the screw diameter is a bit large, hence i did a little bit of filing the bracket hole larger to fit in the screw.
  8. i have resist installing panniers box (here does not comes with it) and top box as aftermarket so far, even trying to find el chepo from china. 1. Bracket is more expensive than the box/pannier (small pannier), what gives, 2. not badass (like tktplz describe) especially aftermarket bracket, without the pannier, it looks like a rear crash bar with metal all over. 3. when installing, there is a HUGE GAP in between as compare to ori, making city riding unable to squeeze in between cars. 4. why cant aftermarket design to hook to existing bracket and maybe the outer layer change to some other badass design.
  9. Where did you get the back rest. Great idea. Do you have a link?

    1. WKE002


      I got it from our local alike ebay. 

      as u from states, try 

      keyword motorcycle backrest, backseat 

    2. Heli ATP

      Heli ATP

      Cool thanks.

  10. Body wobble from the wind yes, bike wobble not experienced. I tested where there are heavy truck movement from back, side and incoming trucks, after got the touring puig, also tested the same way... bike does not wobble. Truck moving at 80-120km/h based on my test.
  11. Installed back seat rest. Yet to test it out with my wife. Since no plan to get a top box, got these for about usd7 .
  12. National Cycle Sport Windscreen N20331 "The patented "V" shape and advanced dimensional contours push the wind vortex away from the rider's head, resulting in a peaceful, quiet riding environment. " Is there any truth to their statement as looking at these windscreen.
  13. Good one Tango, at one point of time while trying to engage set, it just simply unable to lock in, off it and try again and does not work, discover after many attempt it was my heavy shoes on the brakes that is causing it unable to engage.
  14. roadwarrior.... how is the puig sport screen, (think model 9724H), as am getting damm hot on the OEM and puig touring. if may share, how different is between having no shield and the puig sport screen (for the looks or is there some techno wind thingy). might need to dispose of the puig touring in replacement of these shorter one. should i need a longer, will just use back the ori.