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  1. Black ceramic can with carbon fiber end cap.
  2. Full system is only $1.100 for me, tax included and free shipping.
  3. Im in Whitby so Hindle is close and they have a dyno,my system should be ready in a couple of weeks.Not much choice for slip on as far as I could tell .This will make a great winter project as I have new bars and heated seat pad to install also.
  4. Welcome to the forum ,Ontario is a fair size where are you located? I just got a 2015 around June getting K teck suspension and also ordered a Hindle exhaust.
  5. Yes with something this expensive you would hate to be disappointed and not notice any difference.My bike is a 2015 but I bought it with only 6500 km. on it. So the suspension should have been in good shape still,but I thought it could use an upgrade.
  6. I just ordered the K-Tech IDS 25mm cartridge kit and K-Teck Razor-R shock today.Im not much of a suspension guru so I will see if i can tell the difference from stock.Hope I wont be disappointed.
  7. I got my liners from this guys site,he's in Canada greatbikersgear on eBay greatbikersgear has been an eBay member since 20-Jan-11 and has 100%... greatbikersgear on eBay greatbikersgear has been an eBay member since 20-Jan-11 and has 100%...
  8. Hard to tell but are you missing the washer under the nut?
  9. Yeah no problem I will try that thanks.
  10. Hey Steve I purchased my 2015 used so it had a few mods done to it already including Grip Puppies,I was actually thinking of removing them because my thumb and two brake cover fingers are getting numb.My thinking was that the Grip Puppies might be to big for my hand.I didnt install them so I wonder if they are easy to remove.I did install the Adventure pegs and all the vibration on my feet is gone,I did adjust the brake lever up a bit as the Adventure pegs are a bit thicker.Hope you get time to enjoy your new bike,the engine is amazing.
  11. Try moving your clutch cable behind the forks instead of the front of forks.
  12. Hello everyone I just bought a 2015 FJ_09 and just love riding it.Im in Whitby Ontario and looking forward to learning more about this bike from all you guys and the topics on the forum.