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  1. Welcome tons of good advice and a bunch of good people on here.
  2. Welcome there are a great bunch of people on here with some good knowledge on the Tracer.I bought a FJ-09 in the summer and this forum had all the answers I was looking for.
  3. I think if you keep letting it rust you might start scoring your fork tubes.
  4. Installed the DB insert today and I am keeping this exhaust,it made a huge difference.
  5. Didn't listen too any sound clips,Hindle is 20 minutes away from me so I thought I would give them a try.The system is not too expensive so no big deal to me,I need to install my ais block offs and get a tune next.
  6. Yes its loud I ordered a DB insert for $50 Canadian.Nice work the system looks good,I paid $1.100 Canadian and its available in US from Woodcraft.If I feel its still to loud with DB insert I will just get rid of it and install stock system.
  7. Installed my Hinson exhaust,very easy and took only about 1 1/2 hours.And I got to keep my center stand.
  8. Just got the FJ back from my suspension guy and the improvement is dramatic.More stable in corners and large and small bone jarring bumps are a thing of the past,its just a joy to ride now and money well spent.I have the K-Tech 20mm IDS cartridge kit and the Razor-R shock. Next will be my Hindle exhaust install.
  9. I had glove liners and was never really comfortable with them on,they felt loose in a bigger glove and they wouldn't fit in my regular gloves(I like my gloves tight) So I bought a pair of Heated Venture gloves to go along with my Venture heated jacket,I could never leave that jacket on high as it got to warm.
  10. Black ceramic can with carbon fiber end cap.
  11. Full system is only $1.100 for me, tax included and free shipping.
  12. Im in Whitby so Hindle is close and they have a dyno,my system should be ready in a couple of weeks.Not much choice for slip on as far as I could tell .This will make a great winter project as I have new bars and heated seat pad to install also.
  13. Welcome to the forum ,Ontario is a fair size where are you located? I just got a 2015 around June getting K teck suspension and also ordered a Hindle exhaust.
  14. Yes with something this expensive you would hate to be disappointed and not notice any difference.My bike is a 2015 but I bought it with only 6500 km. on it. So the suspension should have been in good shape still,but I thought it could use an upgrade.