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  1. I have an extra tft industries flasher still in the packaging. Fits 2019 tracer. I am using an identical one. Will let it go for cheap if you want it. Just pay shipping or whatever. And yes, flasher is under the seat kind of toward the back tucked away. No pics but its fairly easy to find.
  2. Not that I am offering any help but why would it be normal to have a check engine light come on? My 2019 California bike (extra smog crap) was flashed by Ivan and I never had a check engine light come on.
  3. This is my Ninja. Had a blast on this bike. Sadly, she burned up in Tubbs fire 2017. Miss this bike. But the Tracer is a nice upgrade.
  4. I had to tighten mine to the point I though it was going to snap. Only way I could keep them from spinning at speed. It's definitely a wtf why is it this way.
  5. Glad you brought it up. Thanks. You have been great help on these forums. 🍻
  6. Mystery solved. So I adjusted my clutch lever a few days ago for a shorter reach. Doing that causes the clutch lever to contact the menu button. Every time I pull into the garage I grab a hand full of clutch. Resetting the menu.
  7. I know. But it just comes up after about 5 minutes of riding. I can clear it by holding the menu button for 2 seconds. I just don't understand why it is randomly going to the setup menu. I am not pushing the menu button to bring it up. It just comes up. 😕
  8. This. Maintenance word in upper right. Ever since the ecu flash it starts flashing after about 5 minutes of riding. Unless these last multiple times I have gone out I have accidentally hit the menu button? But I never had this issue before the flash, and it has happened the last 4 times I have taken it out.
  9. Am I doing something wrong? 1. Select Maintenance on menu. 2. Set section 1, 2 and 3 to zero. Take a ride. 5 minutes later after taking a ride Maintenance notification is flashing again. Mileage in all 3 section shows 5 miles. Its not the check engine light. It's 'Maintenance' at the top of the menu that is flashing. What am I missing?
  10. Zero backfiring. But I have a ecu tune by Ivan. Let me say again that this is just plain awesome.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I actually trimmed the plastic piece to raise the center stand for more clearance. Still have 1/4 inch clearance with no chance of hitting the can.
  12. It's back together and what a difference. The exhaust with the tune makes it a new bike. Literally. Jerky throttle gone. Smoother running. Just feels way better. Getting the original exhaust off was pretty easy. I was able to get it off while leaving center stand on. Getting the connector pipe lined up took the most time for me. Getting everything to line up to the mounting bracket on the can and the scorpion supplied bracket was most irritating. The scorpion bracket is at a angle and it never really sat flush with the bracket on top of the exhaust can no matter what I did. So finally I worked backwards. I mounted the can to the bracket. Then put the connector pipe on the can. Then jockey the connector pipe around to finally line up with the header. Seemed backwards but it worked.