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  1. Ivan's Performance is a great resource for ECU Flash.
  2. Did you see the Extended Shipping times, wow.
  3. Thanks, I did the same search. Was looking in particular for the one the OP got that says Tracer and couldn't find it
  4. Got a link to Ebay Item?
  5. Manufacturer Part #9725H is what I bought. I'm 6' and have no buffeting
  6. Bought and installed the PUIG Smoked Touring Windshield. Fantastic product. Works as advertised.
  7. There are Road 5's and Road 5 GT's. The GT's per Michelin are what is recommended on the Concours because of the weight. When I bought Michelins for my Concours last year the Road 5 GT's weren't available yet and Michelin recommended I use the Road 4 GT's because of the weight of the Concours. Different TP recommendations also
  8. Looking for some saddlebag liners but not sure what size to get, any ideas? Can't find what the actual size of the saddlebags are on my 2020 Tracer GT
  9. Installed the same one last night. Fits perfect and looks great. I cut the foam strip and put a piece on each side, that was the only logical place from what I could tell. I had never had the bike apart and the install took less than an hour.
  10. It's a Yamaha part, don't remember what the part # was. Dealer ordered it for free. I'm sure it's on the Yamaha Accessory site.
  11. Installed tonight, very easy and works as advertised.
  12. Yep, got it today and read through the instructions.
  13. Dealer ordered me the secondary outlet for free instead of just ordering a plug. Could have been missing from the factory, who knows. It's all good
  14. This is what I have and much better than the x-grip
  15. My Puig Touring screen looks nothing like that