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  1. Got this link today in an email from MamaYama: 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT Sport Touring Motorcycle - Model Home 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT Sport...
  2. I think it is 2 amps (like the aux power socket). Pic from service manual. Regards; Mark
  3. One of the first biz jets I worked on was a Hawker 700. Actually I guess first biz jet I worked on was a Lear 24D... Definitely 10 pounds of shite in a 5 pound bag. Useta take care of a Beaver on amphib floats also back in-the-day.
  4. My US 2020 is e-limited to 130 mph indicated FYI.
  5. Pic from day job. It “fit” coiled up just fine, but not much room left. Can see the case for the audio connection. My solution is def not very elegant...do like the high Madstad mount tho. Still campaigning the first set of Sena (5?) I bought years ago. Did have to put a Chinese lithium battery in mine a few years back. Regards; Mark
  6. I just rolled it all up and stashed in inside the tin box the aux connector lives in. It had previously been coiled up between the glove box & the outer fairing on the FJR. 30k miles on the GPS, to date haven’t done anything other than tape over all the “extras”...
  7. not winterization... Wet wash/blow dry, paint sealant, & ACF-50’ed the snot out of it.

    wrenchbender, are you my daddy?  When he passed I looked in his tool box and found a 1/4 " speed handle that was twisted 90 degrees there is no telling how big of a socket he was using to twist it like that.

    1. thewrenchbender


      Probably not. 

      Most of my wrench-bending days are behind me-been a corporate jet tech last 20 years. 

      Prior to that did charter/GA maintenance. Snap-on dude doesn’t sell many Piper or Cessna (or Lycoming or Continental) specialty tools.

      Lotsa wrench-bending then...

    2. Coop


      LOL!!  Dad was building Catalina wings for the government I think.  It was a long time ago.  I guess his arm wasn't long enough of something because he made a nut holder out of some heavy wire and a hole punch.  He had heart problems for WW2 so he worked as a mechanic when  supplies were almost none existent.  He always dreamed of getting his A&P license, but kids kept showing up.  

    3. thewrenchbender


      Warbird stuff is bad-azz. I tried engineering for 2 quarters (thought was more than just a lot of math) then did 2 years at a tech school to get mine. 

      First job was maintaining Beechcraft E18Ss (older than I was at the time) hauling auto parts, after 3 years was the Director Of Maintenance on the charter side, chief troubleshooter/inspector/customer service manager of the “shop” side...

      The whole married-with-children thing kept me away from scooters for about 15 years though. 

  9. Well said. Anybody that shows up in NW Ohio on a bike is welcome to sample my 24” Madstad also. When my ‘15 FJR (really another niche bike) had about 4k on it was feeling it was down on power compared to my previous ‘08. Was able to sneak it onto a dyno at the local HD dealer. Told the tech to take it for a ride after. His observations were A. He couldn’t believe I thought it was down on power & B. He really wished he hadn’t ridden it (hard core HD guy-draw your own conclusions)... Regards; Mark
  10. My install experience is on this page. Wasn't a straight “bolt-on”. Hope this helps. Mark
  11. Ran PR4s w/confidence “extended season” on my FJR.(GTver). Great in the wet and the muck. They do howl a little at low speeds. And they aren’t cheap. Not quite there yet on my Tracer GT yet. Regards; Mark
  12. No clue on the GoPro. A RAM-B-367U will replace one of your handlebar clamp bolts and put a ball right on top of the clamp (bolt goes down through it). hope this helps
  13. I put one of these above the license plate mount on my FJR: T3 The Feniex T3 is fiercely bright. This... Got pins/connectors/loom from Cycle Terminal, made an in-line M/F jumper with the T3 tied to the brake wires, rest just passed straight through. If I go that route on the Tracer would mount it right over the license plate/right through the reflector... Light is easily “set” to 3 fast flashes then constant on. Very very bright for a tiny footprint.
  14. Used Inkscape to convert a graphic stolen from the web to a .svg file that was imported into the software purchased immediately after my wife brought home a Black Friday sale Cricut cutter years ago. The vinyl is readily available, but is relatively pricey.
  15. For a recent example of one instance in the US,, I recently traded in my ‘15 FJR A w/25k miles to a local long-time dealership. I had just completed its 2nd big service/checked valve clearances. The only thing I hadn’t done according to MamaYamas recommendations was to change the brake/clutch hoses. They had performed the 600mile service (had 300 miles on it when I bought it), the rest was done by me/documented by a printed black&white photo of the odometer/accompanied by receipts for parts used, written description of service performed. Only thing the service guys squawked was the Angel GTs that were about 40% worn. They told me if I did the same w/my Tracer, warranty claims would never be an issue... Bottom line is-either way really doesn’t affect market value, you could maybe make an argument with regard to making it harder/easier to actually “sell”...